Flash Beyond: Origin in Justice League Beyond Chapter 25

Justice League Beyond Chapter 25: The Flash Origin

If you’ve been wondering how Danica Williams became the future Flash in Justice League Beyond, wonder no longer: today’s digital installment of the series features her origin spotlight, as told by Derek Fridolfs and Marcus To, with a cover by Khary Randolph. There’s even a nice splash page of all the speedsters and Flash villains of the DC Animated Universe. (This series takes place in the same world as Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond, so there’s no Barry Allen, but there are some characters that I don’t recall seeing in the DCAU before.)


9 thoughts on “Flash Beyond: Origin in Justice League Beyond Chapter 25

  1. TheFlash1990

    Okay. poor this week, so anyone care to say how she becomes a speedster? And who all is included in the splash page??

    *I know there’s no Barry Allen or Hal Jordan in the DCAU since they amalgamated them all but I’m very curious to see who is there….is Impulse there?

  2. Kyer

    Honestly…though female myself, I could never give a ….. about female main characters in any medium so am going to pass unless someone states that Wally is in this and in this prominently.

  3. TheFlash1990

    Ahh cool! That was pretty awesome…thanks! Art is interesting…

    And that’s funny that they included Impulse. I wonder what he’d have been like in the DCAU…the JL test footage with him was cool. And I wish they’d have kept the Justice Guild the Justice Society and included Jay Garrick as the speedster as originally intended instead of changing them in the season one Justice League episode(s) “Legends”. Would have been a cool way to fit them in the DCAU, I’m not sure why or how DC felt it was disrespectful.

  4. TheFlash1990

    And since there is no Barry Allen I wonder how they’d have tied Impulse in. Or Reverse Flash for that matter (either version). I like that they included the Turtle on the far left there. Lol

    1. Kelson Post author

      It’s set in the world of Batman Beyond, which is set in the world of the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited cartoons, which have Wally as a founding member of the League.


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