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Flash Photography: Speedster Cosplay at WonderCon 2015

I spent the weekend at WonderCon, and while I didn’t make it to the Flash TV cast signing (they capped the line 20 minutes before I made it to the convention center), I did make it to the cast and crew Q&A session on Sunday, which I’ll be posting about soon. I also spotted quite a few Flashes, Kid Flashes and Quicksilvers among the cosplayers. (and a Thundra, who I kept trying to figure out whenever she walked by until I finally just walked up and asked her what her costume was).

The full photo gallery is up on Flickr, but here’s a highlight of some of the speedsters who slowed down long enough to be caught on camera: Continue reading

DC Announces New Weekly FUTURES END

DC Comics revealed their second weekly series of 2014 yesterday, with The New 52: Futures End joining Batman: Eternal.


The first installment, a #0 issue, will be released on Free Comic Book Day in May. Issue #1 will also come out that month.  In an article over at ABC News (via AP), writer Jeff Lemire is quoted about the themes at play in the time-hopping weekly:

“Really, what we’re trying to do with this book is to explore the nature of what a hero is and we’re doing that, obviously by playing with the future of the New 52 timeline,” Lemire said. “Past present and future all colliding in this story line.”

That means exploring the past with a character like Frankenstein, the present with Firestorm and the future with Batman Beyond who is, Lemire said, making what is his first “in-continuity appearance. He’ll become part of the New 52.”

Flash fans might note that the 2013 Justice League Beyond series featured a future-Flash named Danica Williams, who has the ability to consult with past speedsters (including Wally West, as well as the “original” Jay Garrick and Bart Allen).  It remains to be seen if the Batman Beyond featured will be from the same continuity as the Batman Beyond Universe comics.

Check out posts over at Comics Alliance, ABC News and Comics Beat for more!

Beyond Origins: The Flash of the Beyond Universe (Review)

20130630-143635.jpgThe latest installment of Justice League Beyond, Chapter 25, gives us the origin of the newest Flash, Dani Williams. This character has already shone in her previous appearances with the future Justice League, and now we finally get the full scoop on this very interesting addition to the Flash legacy.


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Flash Beyond: Origin in Justice League Beyond Chapter 25

Justice League Beyond Chapter 25: The Flash Origin

If you’ve been wondering how Danica Williams became the future Flash in Justice League Beyond, wonder no longer: today’s digital installment of the series features her origin spotlight, as told by Derek Fridolfs and Marcus To, with a cover by Khary Randolph. There’s even a nice splash page of all the speedsters and Flash villains of the DC Animated Universe. (This series takes place in the same world as Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond, so there’s no Barry Allen, but there are some characters that I don’t recall seeing in the DCAU before.)

Creating “Flash Beyond”

Flash Beyond (Danica) Character Designs

Justice League Beyond writer Derek Fridolfs writes about “Flashdrive” and the future Flash over at his blog. Inspiration for the character came from race car driver Danica Patrick and Olympic runner Rafer Johnson. Fridolfs also talks about the costume design process, Flash fans (who us?), and how to fit Flash history into the established Justice League Unlimited/Batman Beyond continuity.

Danica debuted in Justice League Beyond #19 and took the lead in chapter 20. As for future spotlights…

Fans clamoring to know more about Dani will get a chance to see her back story told in an upcoming “Beyond Origin”. It was a fun way to show where she grew up and traveled to around the Beyond Universe, as well as explore the legacy of the Flash and how she’s able to hear all the voices of the previous Flashes. I even created some new villains in there as a possible back-door “pilot” if she got her own series or more stories to help flesh out her world. But at this stage, I’m kind of doubtful it’ll ever happen.

I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out!

Head over to Derek Fridolf’s blog to read the whole article.

New Flash in the Beyond-verse (and Wally, too!) (Review of Justice League Beyond Ch.20)

JLU 20The latest digital-first chapter of Justice League Beyond continues the introduction of Danica, the new Flash of the Beyond-verse.  She finally fights alongside the Justice League…but can she succeed where the rest of the League has failed?  And, where does Wally West fit into this?