Flash Annual #2 First Look

DC has a preview of its July annuals, including Flash Annual #2, shipping July 31. The main story by Brian Buccellato and Sami Basri guest-stars Green Lantern, looking back at the first meeting (in new 52 continuity) of Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. Judging by the preview page, they don’t start off very well. (Do two heroes ever meet for the first time and start by, you know, working together?)

On a related note, last week Newsarama interviewed Nicole Dubuc about her back-up story in the book, about “a man who has lost his wife in a fire — and he blames the Flash for not saving her.”

Flash Annual #2 Preview Page


6 thoughts on “Flash Annual #2 First Look

  1. Kyer

    Hal, Hal, Hal…. I see you’re still a hot head. Guess the GL universe really is pretty much the same as before. 😛

    Really nice artwork. I’m tempted on this one as am somewhat a sucker for Flash & GL stories (yet to read one I didn’t like) Will have to check into a bit more.

  2. Nick!

    Hmm…that back-up story sounds scarily similar to what happened to Superman at the beginning of the “Grounded” story arc. Hopefully, the premise will be pulled off better this time.

  3. Stephen

    “Do two heroes ever meet for the first time and start by, you know, working together?”

    Of course not. There HAS to be misunderstanding between two heroes. If they just started working together it would be boring.

    I’m slightly disappointed that Manapul isn’t doing the art, but it still looks great. 🙂

  4. Alice A

    I love it when heroes meet, my favourite meetings are Superman and Batman, who always seem to get off on the wrong foot – but maybe it’s different in the comics, as I’ve only watched the TV show?

    I’m really keen to read this! been looking forward to it for months!

  5. theFlash1990

    Awesome. Looking forward to this one. Hope Flash puts him in his place. heheh.

    And of course they’re not going to meet each other and be level headed and like “hey what you do over there is cool, and what I do over here is cool”, lol. This is comics. Haha. But it will be interesting to see how this plays out, loving the artwork and Barry and Hal are a great “buddy cop” duo.


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