Heroes Rush In…No, Wait! (Review of Earth 2 #14)

IMG_0639This issue of Earth 2 is action packed with plenty of drama on many levels, and we have the opportunity to learn a lot of lessons here.  Enthusiasm and early success can lead to just a bit of impulsive decision-making…and even great intentions can lead you into trouble.  The new Wonders of Earth 2 are taking the battle straight to Steppenwolf…but is that the best plan?  We get the first part of that answer here, in issue #14.


Alan Scott is a true leader, with all the resources at his fingertips that his business acumen has gained…not to mention the power of Green Lantern.  His idea is to win the public trust by getting ahead of the World Army, and taking the war straight to Steppenwolf before anyone else arrives.  They certainly have great power on their side…but is this the wisest move?  Flash, GL and Doctor Fate take the fight to Dherain…but are they the first to arrive?  And, what will Steppenwolf’s response be once he realizes he is under attack?  The battle scenes are amazing here, and our Wonders learn they are in a bit deeper than they may have realized…

James Robinson is still writing for this issue, and this is once again a stellar script for one of my favorite series in the New 52.  Nicola and Trevor Scott continue their exceptional work on the pencils and inks with Pete Pantazis on colors.  This group of Wonders is well worth the read – be sure to add Earth 2 #14 to your buy pile!


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