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A Fun Time with THE FLASH ANNUAL #3 (Review)

With the very serious Flash Age arc behind us and the Legion of Zoom ahead of us, it’s time for a most entertaining break. We get that here, courtesy of Captain Boomerang and the Suicide Squad. Just how did The Flash end up dealing with all of them AND Deathstroke? That’s half the fun of this story. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Flash Annual #2 Preview

DC has posted five pages from this week’s Flash Annual #2, and you can see them at Comicsverse. In it, we see Bart Allen make an attempted triumphant return, and the sad fallout from the Heroes In Crisis series. Check it out at the link.


art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS
A HEROES IN CRISIS tie-in! In Barry’s grief and guilt following Wally West’s death at Sanctuary, he refuses to divulge the heartbreaking news to the rest of the Flash family until he’s searched every corner of the globe for his former partner— including inside the Speed Force itself. But his journey into the heart of all speedster powers inadvertently triggers the release of his long-lost ally Godspeed! And when Godspeed immediately races off to attack Kid Flash Wallace West, Barry must hunt his former friend and check in on his fellow speedsters. What is Godspeed planning and what does he want with the rest of the Flash Family? Can Barry protect everyone after he couldn’t save Wally? With a heart-wrenching appearance from Wally’s former sidekick, the recently returned Bart Allen, this annual is an absolute can’t-miss for all Flash fans!
ON SALE 01.30.19
$4.99 US | 48 PAGES
Includes a code for a free digital download of this issue.

The “Key” to the Future? Review of TITANS ANNUAL #1

Through the years, the Titans have had team ups with their mentors in the Justice League…and usually the meeting involves a lot of condescension and doubt from the League. Still, this is a much more mature Titans team, so they should get all the…well, at least ONE member of the League gives some proper respect from the beginning, in a story that was entertaining for now and that may have clues to future stories for the whole DCU. Want to know more? Follow us ater the jump!


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Flash Annual 3 Solicitation and the Future Wally West

Flash Annual #3

On sale APRIL 30 • 48 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T

The start of a major new arc for the Fastest Man Alive! In the future, The Flash is a broken man. His powers have failed him time and again at great cost to him and the city he has sworn to protect. Now he’s coming back to 2014 to stop the one event that destroyed his life. Meanwhile, in the present, Barry Allen must contend with thieves trying to capitalize on the devastation of FOREVER EVIL. It’s a tale of two timelines that ushers in one of DC’s most storied characters…featuring The New 52 debut of WALLY WEST!

Yesterday, DC announced the return of Wally West. Today, Comicosity has the scoop on DC’s April 2014 annuals, including the Flash Annual #3. This answers a lot of questions about the setup, and while it’s not 100% clear that Wally West is the Flash from the future, it certainly implies it. (These are Flash solicitations. You really do have to watch for ambiguity.)

2014 is a bit late to undo Flashpoint 😉 Seriously, though, I’m a little concerned that this sounds similar to the Reverse Flash arc that we just finished, though perhaps the fact that it’s Barry Allen’s present day will make a difference…and presumably Wally West’s methods will be less destructive, and the inevitable conflict between speedsters will have at least the potential for a more positive outcome for both.

So, what do you think?

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New FLASH Creative Team, Annual 3, and yes, Wally West

In an article at USA Today, DC Comics announced some major Flash news.

First, the new creative team will be co-writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen (Green Lantern Corps) with artist Brett Booth (Teen Titans). They’ll take over with Flash #30 on April 23.

Venditti on the appeal of the Flash: “From a very young age, one of the first things you want to be able to do is run fast,” the writer says. “You don’t want to fly, you don’t want to have a ring that makes constructs out of light. It’s just a simple, basic thing: ‘I want to be able to run fast.'”

Flash #30

Second, Flash Annual #3 hits the following week…and will reintroduce Wally West, DC’s original Kid Flash and the main Flash from 1986-2008.

Flash Annual #3

This isn’t a cryptic remark from Dan Didio. This is a clear statement in a national newspaper. Wally West is returning. In what form, in what role, remains to be seen. This black-suited speedster could be him, or it could be someone else. Brett Booth has long championed the idea of bringing Wally West into the New 52, and went so far as to design a costume for him back when the New 52 was young.

(Images via Newsarama)

The Future Looks Bleak – Review of Teen TItans Annual #2

teen titans annual 2 coverThanks to Johnny Quick of Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate, the Teen Titans have been lost in time.  The good news is that they are (mostly) together again…the bad news is where, or rather, when they are just now.  Bart fans will need to wait for the regular issue #25 to see more of Kid Flash, but there is a LOT here that impacts the team for some time to come…meaning TT fans need to check this out!


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