Face to Face With the Reverse Flash! (Review of The Flash #22)

flash 22 coverThe Reverse Flash story arc is heating up in a big way.  The Speed Force Killer has taken just about everyone touched by the Speed Force…so how to protect Iris West?  And, does even Barry have enough to stand against the power of this very dangerous New 52 Reverse Flash?  This issue of The Flash has a whole lot for just about everyone in this issue – action, intrigue, and some very interesting relationship angles fill The Flash #22!


One of the best qualities of this volume of The Flash has been the ability of Manapul and Buccellato to weave multiple story threads into a cohesive and compelling plot.  This issue is a great example of just that, beginning quickly with three separate scenes that are brought together through the course of the story.  We see Barry trying to investigate the scene of the latest Speed Force Killer attack, Dr. Elias waking up in his lab with the certainty that only he knows how best to use the almost limitless energy of the Speed Force, and The Flash bringing that protective suit we’ve seen in the previews to Iris.  The interaction between The Flash, Iris and Patty is a must read – it is just the right amount of awkward without going overboard to catty, and it certainly drives that part of the storyline forward effectively.

As to whether that preview page we’ve seen lately reveals the identity of the Reverse Flash?  You’ll have to pick up the issue for that…Let’s leave it with the knowledge that The Flash will indeed come face to face with the Reverse Flash…and that the battle leads up to the cliffhanger for issue #22!

I’m running out of superlatives to describe the creative team for this series.  Manapul and Buccellato have more than proven their chops as writers, and this issue is a great example of their ability to develop characters and to weave  multiple story threads into an effective whole.  Their artwork continues to set the standard for bringing exceptional artwork into the storytelling process.  The new design for the Reverse Flash has proven to be excellent both from an art design perspective and from a storytelling point of view.  This is another excellent issue in the series – don’t miss it!


12 thoughts on “Face to Face With the Reverse Flash! (Review of The Flash #22)

  1. Scott Timms

    AMAZING ISSUE!!!!.. The art work is always good, but this was one of the best (if not the best). The story makes you wanna break out the older issues and enjoy the “ooooooo right” factor. I was pretty sure Dr. Elias was Reverse Flash and felt self satisfaction when I thought it was him in the issue. Then he got his head smashed by Reverse Flash and thought “well…..hmmuh”. Still confused about what Reverse Flash does but Im pretty sure thats by design. Im excited for this story to play out and what lies ahead!!! Great work Manapul and Buccellato.

  2. married guy

    Truthfully, I enjoyed the interaction between Barry, Iris and Patty more than anything else in this issue. Really well written.

    I am curious as to who the new Reverse Flash is & how he came to be.

  3. Kyer

    May not be reading, but really hoping it does spectacularly well for everyone involved. 🙂

    Reverse Flash really does look like a cool design as does Iris’s suit. Please let her keep that suit. Or if not, get another, even better version of it.

  4. Martin Gray

    I really enjoyed this issue, I especially enjoyed the relationship work – I don’t like current Patty, I do hope Iris displaces her soon. The splash integration of ‘The Flash’ was my favourite yet. There was one spread too many, and I could do without the gleeful blood effects – it’s gotten to be a New 52 cliche – but overall, great issue. And one with a tremendous cover.


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