SDCC Day Two

DC held an All Access panel on Thursday at Comic-Con, and Flash co-writer Brian Buccellato was among the panelists. He and Geoff Johns talked a bit about the Flash title and upcoming Rogues Rebellion limited series.

Buccellato said that we’ll soon learn the identity of the Reverse-Flash (more on that later), and stated that the Flash has to protect Iris from him because she hasn’t manifested powers “yet” — which is an interesting tease.

As reported by CBR,

“The Rogues, they’re going to rebel against something,” joked Buccellato. “They’re about stealing, the score, the job. They want to drink some beers at the end of the day and know they stole something really, really expensive.”

“Brian and I have gotten together a lot to talk about this,” said Johns. “I think they have a great take on the Rogues, but something happens in Forever Evil, but not all the villains are excited about it. It’s like the new boss is worse than the old boss.”

Rogues Rebellion is a five-issue miniseries that Johns likened to The Warriors.

DC also released some preview pages today, which have since been posted at CBR. One page appears to be from Rogues Rebellion and another from the main Flash title, and you are warned about possible major spoilers on the Flash page: it appears to reveal the identity of the Reverse-Flash. However, Newsarama reported that Buccellato says the page “may be a spoiler, or may be a misdirection”, so perhaps not everything is as it seems. All the same, keep that in mind before deciding whether to view the page. You can see both pages after the cut.

rogues rebellion

flash spoiler

So, what do you think of this potential revelation about the Reverse-Flash, and do you think it’s a spoiler or some misdirection? Is it who you expected or were hoping to see?


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6 thoughts on “SDCC Day Two

  1. Nick!

    I hope this is misdirection. Dr. Elias as the Reverse Flash would be too easy. Plus, while the good doc is completely self-absorbed (and possibly a bit of a sociopath), I don’t see him being a murderous psychopath the way the new Reverse Flash is currently being depicted.

  2. Kyer

    I’m hoping it’s The Suit. It just chooses some random victim and is offing speed force users because speed force users can send it back into the SF. Eh..past continuity.

    Okay, serious. If it’s Daniel West then that might explain why he hasn’t yet gone after Iris (because I don’t believe she hasn’t shown any powers yet. Probably just still in the subtle stage yet possibly also detectable if you know what you are looking for. I may hate the idea of *Wally* west being a villain in the DC52 one day, but have no issue with some stranger with the last name being a bad guy.

  3. Kyer

    Was there any issue yet showing how Bary first got his DC52 powers? Was anyone else around in those panels (if they exist yet.)

  4. Scott Timms

    Im saying misdirection. I think its still Dr. Elias. Maybe Daniel West gets it from Dr. Elias’ work or Dr. Elias uses him to do the dirty work. Daniel West involved in the story opens the door to introduce Wally. Wonder if at the end of the RF story arc they tease or show Wally…hmmmmm.


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