The Flash: “Arrow” Casting Down to Three Contenders

Shooting starts on September 30 for the first Flash guest spot on “Arrow,” and the studio is casting Barry Allen now. Latino Review reports that the field has been narrowed down to three possible actors:

I’m not familiar with any of them myself, and while Barr’s publicity shot looks more like the Barry Allen we know from the comics than either of the others, it’s worth noting that actual TV and movie series often aim more for the acting style or personality wanted than physical resemblance to a character design. (Case in point: John Wesley Shipp as Barry in the 1990s show. Or the entire cast of The Middleman, which turned out perfectly IMO.)


4 thoughts on “The Flash: “Arrow” Casting Down to Three Contenders

  1. MisterNefarious

    I like Mackays chin (important for a masked character) but I feel like both he and Gustin just look too young for me to believe they are forensic scientists

    Barr looks a bit older so he’s my pick… But it’s the CW so everybody is going to look fresh out of high school and ludicrously attractive even if it doesn’t fit their character 😛

    My only worry about the Flash getting a tv show is a lot of the more ridiculous stuff like Gorilla City very likely won’t ever happen, and even a good Captain Cold will be hard. Tar pit won’t ever happen

    A Murmur episode would be chilling though and gives some great opportunities for CSI style investigation/courtroom stuff!!!

  2. Kyer

    Who, who, and just for the echo….Who? (I really should start watching TV and movies again.)
    Should pick the guy with actual blonde hair and who looks like it’s been at least a few years since he was playing on the teeter-totter. Yes, am anal about appearances matching character. Still hate that the movie Superman didn’t have a forelock and I had trouble seeing the TV Flash actor as Barry Allen just because of the brown hair. This is the age of hair dye and contact lenses, people! Get it right! 🙂


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