Photos from Barry Allen’s first ARROW Episode: “The Scientist.”

CW has released 24 promotional images from the December 4 Arrow episode, “The Scientist,” featuring the first appearance of the Arrowverse’s Barry Allen (Green Arrow TV). Head over there for the whole set, or check out the shots with Grant Gustin as Barry Allen below.


6 thoughts on “Photos from Barry Allen’s first ARROW Episode: “The Scientist.”

  1. MisterNefarious

    Of course he’s not blonde. Oh well.
    I notice he’s holding a tablet. He probably carries it at all times so we can get even more of that Microsoft surface ad revenue.

    It actually makes me want to gag. It’s always so obvious. Felicity is sitting in front of a giant computer monitor and reaches for the little tablet to search something on the internet so we can go for the close up and see windows 8 (blegh) in action

  2. Kyer

    I know it’s petty, but so far I can’t think of Arrow as Ollie, MOS as Superman or this guy in those pictures solely because of hair. They are like some other characters that have little to do with the comic books and…I just can’t really get into them.

    Kyer…between DocW commerical breaks. I’m going to be absent a lot this week! Kelson, nice post on the Flashes. Bye!

  3. MisterNefarious

    Honestly I think his acting is what will make or break the performance, rather than his appearance. The costume, on the other hand, will still matter quite a bit.


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