CW Wants a Stand-Alone FLASH Pilot

Now this is interesting! According to Deadline, the CW has been happy enough with the two Arrow episodes featuring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen that instead of a backdoor Flash pilot near the end of this season, they want to do a stand-alone pilot. (Via Flash TV News.) No word yet on what this means for the originally-planned 20th episode of the season.

Arrow episode 2.8, “The Scientist,” airs December 4.

Update: There isn’t much more detail, but you can find more commentary at at Comic Book Movie, CBR, Newsarama etc.


6 thoughts on “CW Wants a Stand-Alone FLASH Pilot

  1. MisterNefarious

    On one hand it’s great because it shows faith.
    On the other, it makes me feel like the pilot will never air.

    1. MisterNefarious

      Yeah man the 90s pilot was actually kinda great for its time.
      If they give us a pilot that’s a whole hour I’ll be extremely happy.

      Despite all the relationship/teen drama I really like arrow, especially season 2. Hopefully flash is at least that good


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