Out This Week: Flash #25 – Zero Year!

Flash #25 CoverThe final Manapul/Buccellato issue of The Flash is out today. It’s a flashback, set in Gotham City during Zero Year, featuring a pre-speed Barry Allen and Iris West. Preview at Heat Vision.

ComiXology doesn’t have any new Flash or Impulse backissues this week. I suspect DC has moved Flash from a biweekly reissue schedule to a monthly, leaving Impulse biweekly for now. I hope they’ll at least wrap up Impulse on this schedule since there are only four issues left (Impulse #85 was already rereleased as part of a Young Justice crossover). Also two annuals, a pair of team-up, and Bart Saves the Universe.


2 thoughts on “Out This Week: Flash #25 – Zero Year!

  1. Martin Gray

    I’ll avoid specific comments until the reviews are up. I will say, though, that if you’re sitting on the fence, wondering whether to buy it, wonder no more – I enjoyed this issue hugely. And I’ll also say – Chris Sprouse and Harvey Bullock!

    1. MisterNefarious

      It was definitely a solid issue. If drawn out over two or three it could have had more interesting procedural type stuff, but for my money THIS is what I want the Flash TV show to be like. It can’t ignore the CSI side of him. He’s a cop first, a vigilante second.

      This was good stuff. I dug almost the entire issue.

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