The Origin of Kid Flash Starts Here! Review of Teen Titans #25

teen titans 25 coverThe New 52 Bart Allen has a dark secret, one that is finally coming to light as we prepare for the “Trial of Kid Flash” in Teen Titans #25.  But, just what DID he do…and how did he end up in our present time?  There’s a LOT more to this story, and that’s where we pick up with the latest issue of Teen Titans.


Kid Flash and Solstice have ended up where things began for Bart Allen, or rather, Bar Torr – in a place described as “a squalid corner of the universe known as the Backlands.”  Bart and Kiran are in serious danger, and Bart’s reaction brings him to the breaking point.  As the rest of the Titans finally catch up, the Echo Chronal authority arrive and place Bart under arrest.  It seems that Bart has been in a chronal version of the witness protection system – but from what?  The truth is just beginning to be revealed, and a lot of shockers are still ahead for us.

Scott Lobdell is setting up a terrific storyline as we begin to unfold the mysteries that have surrounded Kid Flash since the beginning of the New 52.  There are a lot of layers left to be uncovered here, and I’m looking forward to how this arc will affect not only Bart but also the Titans as a group moving forward.  The artwork from Scott McDaniel on breakdowns, Tyler Kirkham on pencils, Art Thibert with inks and Arif Prianto on colors is excellent throughout, with great page layouts, spot-on expressions and terrific action sequences.  No, this isn’t your pre-Flashpoint Bart…but if you want to find out who THIS Bart is…and what he has done…this arc of Teen Titans is a must-read.


9 thoughts on “The Origin of Kid Flash Starts Here! Review of Teen Titans #25

  1. HypFlicker

    I kinda like the idea of kid flash also being inertia, although I saw it coming when last month’s issue showed past bart with blonde hair (in fact, anyone who has even seen pre-new52 inertia would of saw this coming). I just wish inertia’s custom didn’t look so dumb

  2. Tony Laplume

    Sounds fascinating. So glad that they’ve gotten around to this, which may actually heighten the character’s overall viability, and certainly a way to make this Teen Titans relevant to me.

  3. Tony Laplume

    Sounds kind of silly, but I’m making another comment because I screwed up my website’s URL in the last one (in case anyone’s really interested). Anyway, I was a big fan of Mark Waid’s original Bart Allen. The first twenty-five issues or so of the Impulse series are essential to any fan of The Flash. I always like a studied variation on a theme, so that’s what i’m most excited about here.

    1. Kyer

      At this point I rather hope not. Am still waiting to ‘kinda-like’ more than one book in the DC52. Every character I used to like has been mangled to some extent. Am not enthused about a ‘Bar Tor’ name change and even Barry still has a dead mom and lost a wedding ring even as he gained a better looking uniform.

  4. Guest

    What the bloody hell did they do to my favourite little imp?! Glad I bailed out on this “Nu52” before it started, because this just sounds AWFUL.


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