This Week: Arrow “Three Ghosts,” Justice League 3000, Digital Dark Flashback

JL3000 1Just a quick note this morning.

“Three Ghosts,” the mid-season finale of Arrow, and part two of Barry Allen’s reintroduction to live-action TV, airs tonight on CW.

Justice League 3000 #1 arrives in stores today, featuring a future Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern.

Digital back issues of the 1987-2008 Flash series seem to have settled in on a monthly schedule. Flash #158 is now available on ComiXology. Wally West, his alternate universe counterpart Walter West, and their allies must stop Abra Kadabra and Replicant. It’s the second to last issue of the Dark Flash saga, and we’re closing in on the end of the well-regarded Waid/Augustyn run on the series.


8 thoughts on “This Week: Arrow “Three Ghosts,” Justice League 3000, Digital Dark Flashback

    1. Kelson Post author

      Cool! We’ve covered some of the concept art and video in the past, but this includes a lot of designs I hadn’t seen before!

      When I have a chance later tonight I’m going to put together a post about it, and then I’ll move this discussion over there. Update: The post is up.

  1. Mack Nathan, Flash Neighbor!

    Another thing not related to this, but towards Kelson:

    Are you going to update the companion site Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning? Because I for one would love to see it updated all the way to current day.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Sadly, I just don’t have the time (or, TBH, the enthusiasm) to keep up with it and the blog these days. Back during Flashpoint I considered bringing it up to an end-of-an-era status, but decided it was better for my stress level to just let it go. Besides, I think crowdsourced sites like Wikia fill the niche better now.

      1. Mack Nathan, Flash Neighbor!

        Oh that’s too bad.

        Have you ever considered passing it on to someone who did have the time to update the site?

        1. Kelson Post author

          I thought about it, but as I said, I think wikis can keep up better, and there are already DC- and Flash-focused wikis out there.

  2. Lee H

    Also, I don’t want to spoil it, but the identities of the Justice League 3000 were soooort of revealed in #1.

    DeMatteis and Giffen have said that the first few issues would be full of lies. And I think just by looking at him that Flash’s supposed identity is a pretty big lie!

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