Even More Art from that Canceled Flash Video Game

Flash Game Speedster Designs - Roger Robinson

About five years ago, BottleRocket Entertainment was working on a Flash video game for Brash Entertainment. Several months in, Brash folded, and the project was canceled. We’ve previously posted about early screen art, concept art, a video clip and a commentary in our Flash video games guest post series.

Yesterday, nailbiter111 on ComicBookMovie posted an extensive gallery of concept art by Roger Robinson from his Facebook album, as well as a collection of test animations.

The art has apparently been out on Facebook for a year, but there are a lot of designs in there that I hadn’t seen before. I especially like this drawing of the Shade.

The Shade - Roger Robinson

The sheer scope of characters included is astonishing, and if nothing else, the game would have looked awesome.

Take a look at the gallery, either on ComicBookMovie or Facebook, and tell us what you think!

Thanks to Mack Nathan, Flash Neighbor for the links!


6 thoughts on “Even More Art from that Canceled Flash Video Game

  1. MisterNefarious

    It looks like they tried to pull in all the big Flash baddies… I actually really like all the designs there except for Weather Wizard (yuk).

    The beta footage alpha footage looked like with some time and effort they might have had a cool game on their hands.

    Hopefully with the new show coming out and the success of the Batman games, WB decides to sink some funding into a Flash game for real this time! Between the show and Flashpoint he’s finally getting some public recognition.

    1. Lee H

      The concept art says “Weather Wizard HENCHMEN”. I recall a previous batch of concept art for the game which featured similar henchmen for Captain Cold, Trickster etc.

      The only real weak one of the bunch is Flash himself, with his bulky crash helmety costume. Kid Flash and Jesse Quick look like they’re straight out of a 1980s music video… which I’m pretty down with to be honest.

  2. Mack Nathan, Flash Neighbor!

    I also really liked how they went and picked up Rogues from all of the various Flashes. I would’ve liked to see designs for Thinker, Girder, Colonel Computron, Golden Glider, Magneta, Double Down and Doctor Alchemy in this style.

  3. Lia

    I love the Rogues here so darned much (except for Weather Wizard, he’s pretty odd-looking). Now I want something we can’t have. The designs of the non-Jay speedsters I’m less keen on, but those Rogues..!


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