This Week: Digital Dark Flash Conclusion

DC is only releasing two comics in print this week, Forever Evil #4 and Justice League #26. The digital backlist, however, is continuing: Today sees the release of Flash #159 on ComiXology, the final issue of the Dark Flash saga.

Abra Kadabra is defeated, Wally West and Linda Park are both back and ready to finish their wedding, and Walter West and Angela Margolin hope to spend some time together… Until Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman show up with an ultimatum: Walter must leave this timeline immediately before he endangers the fabric of reality.

There are just two more Waid/Augustyn issues after this, and two done in ones by Pat McGreal, before the backlist catches up to Geoff Johns’ run. #164-182 are already available digitally, so I hope DC will take the opportunity to go back and fill in the missing four issues from “Race Against Time” and “Final Night” in Flash #116-119.

Written by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn. Cover by Steve Lightle. Art by Paul Pelletier and Jose Marzan, Jr.

Flash #159


One thought on “This Week: Digital Dark Flash Conclusion

  1. veronicadiall

    This issue of the Flash was featured in an episode of ‘The Tomorrow People’. In a flash back, John was seen buying it as a kid. I have no doubt that it’s a plug for the Flash tv show. I did find it ironic though, I’ve seen a few people put Luke Mitchell’s name forward as a potential cast member for the movie version of the character

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