Flash TV Update: Casting Rumors

Hi everyone! Just a quick update on the Flash TV pilot news and rumors.

First up: John Wesley Shipp (Barry Allen from the 1990s TV show) talks about Grant Gustin and Flash on the Out Loud and Live Podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, The Flash Podcast has an episode discussing the possible role of the Flash in the evolving DC Cinematic universe.

Bludhaven Banter indicates a Detective Eddie Thawne will be part of the cast for the TV pilot, a recent transfer to Central City from Keystone. Sure sounds like a cover identity for the Reverse-Flash, doesn’t it? (via Flash TV News.)

Moviehole reports on another character planned for the pilot: Cisco Ramon, a.k.a. Vibe. (via Spinoff)

Superhero Movie News reports that Ernie Hudson may be up for Detective West. Geeks who grew up in thw 1980s will best remember him from Ghostbusters. (also via Flash TV News)

Update: Word of the Nerd also rounds up casting rumors and comments on the lineup. Something I’d missed in Bludhaven Banter’s Thawne scoop was that there’s also rumored to be an openly gay character among the regular/recurring cast. Could Hartley Rathaway a.k.a. the Pied Piper be making his way to the screen as well?


8 thoughts on “Flash TV Update: Casting Rumors

  1. Nick!

    I LOVE the idea that they want to bring in Vibe (or at least just his alter-ego). Not only does it diversify the cast (and showcase one of the few Latino superheroes), but it allows lesser known characters to get some exposure. If it worked for Felicity Smoak (an Arrow fan favorite), why not Vibe?

  2. Mack Nathan, Flash Neighbor!

    Ehh, not really feeling all of these creative liberties they are taking with the show. Why not finally give us a good live action Iris West and Darryl Frye instead of changing the race and combining Iris’s dad with Darryl Frye? Why not showcase other diverse characters like James Forrest, David Singh, Mack and Troy Nathan, Gregory Wolfe, Chunk, Peek-a-Boo, Turbine, Charles the Bartender, Paul Gambi, Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master II, New 52 Weather Wizard, Jared Morillo, Valerie Perez, Replicant, Linda Park or Manuel Lago? Flash already has one of the most diverse supporting cast in comics. I don’t see why Iris needs to be race changed when more time should be spent boosting up the profile of other characters. This is just diversity for the sake of diversity.

    1. Kyer

      Ditto’s this. There was no *need* to change canon merely for the sake of ‘diversity’ when Flash already was endowed with a colorful cast in the books. The spinoff screams more of “look how socially correct we are!” rather than “these are very good actors and we were amazed by their performances.”
      And, yep, Lia, “Eddie” instantly brought up images of Leave It To Beaver. In fact, “Eobard” sounded to me like a name from some other time era…gave it a second’s thought when first ran across it, then shrugged it off.

  3. Mack Nathan, Flash Neighbor!

    And before we get Vibe or any other superheroes, I hope we get Elongated Man. I always like Barry and Ralph’s friendship.

  4. Nick!

    Re: The update. While Piper might appear on the show, I think it is more likely it would be Singh considering that the character is gay and has already been mentioned by Barry in “Arrow”.


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