Up In The Air – Review of The Flash #26

Flash #26Christos Gage has noted in interviews that he is a long-time Flash fan, having grown up with Barry Allen.  His one-shot issue shows how well he knows Barry, both old and new (52), and gives us a wonderful story to take into the new year.


This story centers on Barry’s battle with Spitfire, a thrill-seeking former stunt pilot who specializes in stealing dangerous pahtogens in ways most people would find impossible.  In one of her latest heists, she and her crew killed someone who meant a lot to Barry, and he is determined to track her down no matter what.  This battle takes the Flash out of his usual element…and into the air!  This is a one-and-done, so you’ll get the whole story here…but you need to grab the issue to find out how this excellent story turns out.

Gage gives us both the famliar and the highly inventive in this story – we see Flash’s ability to vibrate through solid objects (the upside and the downside of that ability), and we see how he manages to use his powers in new ways to track down Spitfire in the atmosphere.  As a long-time Barry fan (from the Silver Age days), this was a very welcome story…one that gives a slight Silver-Age twist while keeping it well-grounded in the New 52.  The artwork by Neil Googe (with colors by Wil Quintana) gives the Flash’s costume a slightly more organic/less “armor-y” look, but keeps the transformation from Barry to Flash consistent with the New 52 look, and the art works well for this tale.

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue.  If you want more storytelling by Christos Gage, be sure to check out his work on Justice League Beyond and Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps (I can highly recommend both).


12 thoughts on “Up In The Air – Review of The Flash #26

  1. Kyer

    Checking out info on the ‘net, still no scans beyond the Preview ones. I’m…okay with the art. Only thing is that sometimes the black lines seem a bit much (especially around eyes), but mostly I’m still not loving the Flash costume’s yellow lines. Particularly dislike the ones on the front of his skull, but those have bothered me since day one. I think with a less dark ‘black’ between colors and it won’t look so harsh. Maybe a darker grey and blurring the ‘lighting’ a bit? All in all, it’s not a deal breaker; I just prefer ‘softer’ coloring.

    Also mixed feelings on the use of ‘Blue Valley’. As with the design of the Central City/Keystone bridge as seen in the first year, it’s a bittersweet reminder.
    Am not in the mood for more bittersweet reminders.
    – – –
    In a few weeks we are downgrading our ISP speed to 1/4th due to multiple rate raises this year alone coupled with handicapped economy and unAffordable Health Care.
    That being the case and barring the new Flash team proving to be absolutely spectacular, I’m dropping what’s left of my ties to DC including coming here. It’s not something I’m doing lightly, lots of nice memories, but its been *years* since Flash made me truly happy and I need to save page loading times necessities and looking up DC Previews is a lot of graphics.
    Plus make sure all my maintenance downloads are up to snuff while the speed is still *good*.

    So…2014 and Kyer is signing out.

  2. Steven

    This issue was pretty good. I loved the use of Flash’s powers and also introducing someone from Barry’s past. Hopefully we’ll see more from this creative team.

  3. Hector

    Nice issue, but Flash vol. 2 # 54 (“Nobody Dies”) had already played with the concept of Flash’s challenge in an airborne environment And was WAY better than this issue by Gage, IMO.

  4. veronicadiall

    I enjoyed it a lot too. I especially loved the characterisation of Barry/Flash. It would be nice if Gage could at least do one story arc,. He really gets the character.


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