Target Exclusive Direct to DVD Film JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time Available Next Week ***UPDATED***


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So in a sneak attack “stealth release” Warner Bros’ latest direct to DVD animated project, JLA: Trapped In Time will be carried exclusively by Target and will be available in all United States Target Stores next week, January 21st.

Stealth releases are a relatively new tactic where a retailer will release a project (an album, movie, or game) will little to no fanfare. With the past WB Animated film releases we’ve been privy to all kinds of trailers, and screens, and interviews, to generate hype and build anticipation; No one had really heard anything concrete about this film until earlier today. I’m assuming this may have something to do with piracy and the previous leaks of just about every direct to DVD animated release at least  two weeks before street date. If this works out it may be a good way to avoid losing sales at least in the short term.

Now I’m not wild about retailer exclusives, and this one couldn’t have come at a worst time. With Target under major scrutiny for losing millions of customer’s data (credit cards, emails, etc) I have to wonder how this will affect sales of the DVD. I guess we will just have to see.

As for the film itself, unlike last year’s incredibly and surprisingly violent Flashpoint Paradox, this one will be all ages and only clocks in at about 52 minutes (this 52 thing is getting out of hand)! It is however only $12.99 so I guess that isn’t too bad. But less than an hour? Really?

JLA: Trapped in Time will also be featuring a decidedly different League with Robin joining  his mentor, Batman alongside Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. I’m not sure if this is the final line-up but those are the characters that appear the cover. Legion Of Superheroes members, Dawnstar and Karate Kid are also featured on the cover but I imagine that has something to do with the “Trapped in Time” part of this more than anything. Kind of an odd line-up if you ask me but I guess with only 52 minutes they wanted to keep it short and simple plus I imagine they are trying to elevate the status of characters that haven’t had recent major motion pictures/animated series (Green Lantern). I do like the inclusion of Robin though, especially if this turns out to be Damien Wayne. I imagine with Bruce’s track record of his sidekicks ending up severely beaten, he would want to keep his 10 year old son fairly close. Of course Flash being there makes me smile and it is also good to see Aquaman who got shafted in the upcoming, Justice League: War and replaced with Captain Marvel (or, ugh, Shazam). Not that I don’t love Captain Marvel but Aquaman is one of the Big Seven and a founder. Not as bad at them replacing Martian Manhunter with Cyborg in the New 52 but pretty close.

While presumably traveling through time, The League will be facing off against their greatest foes in the Legion of Doom. I’m not sure if they will be utilizing the classic team but if so we may have a chance of also seeing Gorilla Grodd and Captain Cold. Personally I have no fondness for the old Super Friends cartoon but with reruns surely running somewhere I imagine that even kids today will recognize the Legion of Doom.

Again, the film goes on sale next Tuesday, January 21, 2014, for $12.99 and is only available through US-based Target locations.

So who plans on picking this up? What are your initial thoughts on the designs and “stealth” advertising? Please let us know in the comments below.

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So I was checking out the producer of the film, Giancarlo Volpe’s twitter and I came across something that made me smile:


I followed Giancarlo’s Twitter to his Tumblr and came across this:


1. This movie is a BRAND NEW 52 minute adventure and a Target exclusive.

2.  It has the Hall of Justice and the Legion of Doom in it!

3. Dawnstar and Karate Kid join the JLA from the future!

4. It’s currently available on DVD, no word on BluRay yet

5. I’m pretty sure it’s not available internationally (yet, unfortunately) but that could change in time.

6. I’m not sure if it’s available in Canada ( Canadians, let me know if you get confirmation either way.)

7. Character designs were done by Lynell Forestall, known for creating the Black Lightning shorts for DC Nation! (Also with tons of help from fellow SVA grad Kano “Danny” Kimanyen and Steve Jones).

8. This movie was written by Mike Ryan, the guy behind GLTAS’ “Lost Planet (the Mogo episode)” and “Loss (the episode that causes millions of Fanterns to shriek in horror)”

9. “JLAA: Trapped in Time” is scored by Freddie Wiedmann, the genius behind the music of Green Lantern the Animated Series!

10. This film was animated by the DR Movie, one of the main Korean studios that worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender

11. “JLA: Trapped in Time” is safe for ALL AGES so it’s not as dark as say, “Justice League Flashpoint” or the upcoming “Justice League: War”.  Think of it as closer to Avatar’s “Warriors of Kyoshi” or Green Lantern’s “Babel” in tone.

12. Speaking of Avatar, Dante Basco, the voice of Zuko plays Karate Kid!

13. Grey DeLisle (the voice of Avatar’s Azula and Aya from GLTAS) plays Wonder Woman!

14. Jason Spisak, the voice of GLTAS’ Razer and Young Justice’s Wally West plays Flash!

15. Laura Bailey, the voice of Black Widow in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble plays Dawnstar!

16. Diedrich Bader returns to his role as Batman (From Brave and the Bold!)

17. Jack DeSena (the voice of Sokka in Avatar ) plays Robin!

18. Liam O’Brien, (the voice of Naruto’s Gaara) plays Aquaman!

19.  It’s my return to traditional animation after 6 years in CG, and also my return to directing after 3 years of only producing.

20. Sadly Green Lantern is not in this one, but in my head canon he was too busy fighting the Aya-Monitor and the Manhunters to participate in this battle. 🙂

21. It comes out Tuesday January 21!!

Now I’m officially excited about this!

Do any of these new tidbits change your mind about picking it up?


9 thoughts on “Target Exclusive Direct to DVD Film JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time Available Next Week ***UPDATED***

  1. Woody

    Notice this is JLA Adventures, so my guess is that it’s aimed at younger kids. That Robin looks more like Tim who is better known and certainly more likeable than Damian. Throwing in 2 of my favorite Legionnaires is always a plus but I won’t be in any hurry to get this.

  2. Nick!

    Looks like this is very kid-friendly which is totally cool. Not everything needs to be made for the adult fanboy crowd. Kids need their versions of stuff too.

    Interesting to note: Superman has an interesting costume. Seems like it is New 52 inspired, with some touches of the classic costume with what looks like the MOS/Golden Age S-shield.

  3. Collected Editions

    All due respect, and obviously I haven’t seen this movie yet, but is there any chance that “stealth release” is code for “we don’t feel so strongly about this movie to spend advertising dollars on it, but surely if we release it, someone will buy it”? I’m thinking, for instance, of Superman vs. Brainiac, an animated movie in the style of Superman: The Animated Series, but with non-STAS voice actors and a thin plot; could the “stealth release” be meant to *avoid* scrutiny? Just thinking aloud.

    1. Devin Post author

      Honestly at 52 minutes AND being aimed at younger viewers I don’t really expect it to be amazing. Although it is being produced by Giancarlo Volpe from the excellent Green Lantern animated series and quite a few people who worked on that show also worked on this as well. Apparently there will also be some nods to Young Justice and GL:TAS. This is straight from Volpe on his twitter account.


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