Steampunk Flash #28 (and Earth 2 #20) Variant Covers

DC Comics has revealed 10 steampunk-themed covers at CBR out of 20 variants planned for February’s comics, including Flash #28 by Howard Chaykin and Earth 2 #20 by Dan Panosian.

Flash #28 Steampunk Variant by Howard Chaykin

Earth 2 #20 Steampunk variant by Dan Panosian

I’m not a huge fan of either, though I like the mask and trailing gears on the Barry Allen version. What do you think of them?


3 thoughts on “Steampunk Flash #28 (and Earth 2 #20) Variant Covers

  1. MisterNefarious

    Overall I like the Flash… But man those forehead lightning bolts and gold cod piece sure are weird…

    By contrast, some of the other heroes look FANTASTIC.


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