Flash #28 Preview is Up!

The Flash #28 arrives in stores this Wednesday, and DC Comics has a preview of the issue up on their site.

The Flash and Deadman team up to stop the Keystone Killer! How far back do the killings go, and is his target the key? What or who are the “Fletchers”? Find out in THE FLASH #28, written by Brian Buccellato and illustrated by Patrick Zircher, available in stores this Wednesday.

I think it’s clear who the original Fletcher was, but the question seems to be who the killer thinks are Fletchers.

The Flash #28


4 thoughts on “Flash #28 Preview is Up!

  1. Kyer

    Is it just me or is there something off about Barry’s bottom half and what is with the lines on Deadman? I mean I get and sometimes like the many lines on the costumes (as long as they aren’t overly prominent), but on Deadman’s ghost body? Are those scars, tatoos, he’s part alien…what?


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