Speed Reading – Link Round-Up

First: The Flashy Links

More comics-related links

  • “Johnny Come Lately” Has Another Name She Has No Head! explains why you shouldn’t look down on people who haven’t been into your chosen fandom as long as you and therefore don’t know as much: They’re NEW READERS.
  • Related: xkcd: Ten Thousand – If you belittle people for discovering something later than you, you miss out on the fun of helping them discover more.
  • Two sure-to-be-controversial pieces that I stumbled on the same day: Ch-Ch-Changes – Peter David writes (back in 2000) about the nature of change in comics, and fan reaction to it, particularly long-term fans (something that basically didn’t exist back in the Golden and Silver Age of comics). And then View from the Gutters writes I Think Every Superhero You Love Should Be Dead (or, On the Nature of Time) and reinventing new heroes for new generations of readers. They both make interesting points, but I think they veer into “you’re wrong for liking what you like” territory.
  • Jill Pantozzi (aka the Nerdy Bird) is doing the New Jersey Muscle Walk and needs help to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading – Link Round-Up

  1. Kyer

    OMGosh! It took me a bit, but I finally made out the quote on that wall graphic Flash….my favorite line from that story. Love it!

    Lego Flash is darn cute. The only way he’d be better is if they’d given him blond hair so that when you pulled off the mask it would be the painted on hair. As it is they make it seem as if his cowl is a helmet. Still, I want it along with the sound effects of him running from the Lego DC movie.

    I’m not a fan of those F&F movies, but have to admit that Flash & the Furious film was kind of fun. Especially the bit about his friends all wearing masks… 😀

    If only there was a newbie Flash fan around. Should one day I happen upon a fellow Flash fanatic (in Reality and not just Internet Land) I’ll likely forgo the making fun in favor of hugging them to death on account I’ve yet to meet anyone having my own affliction. Batpeople I can find here and there, but no fellow speedster fans to compare tees and action figures with. (Which is why I love this site and the people therein.)


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