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Flash #28 Preview is Up!

The Flash #28 arrives in stores this Wednesday, and DC Comics has a preview of the issue up on their site.

The Flash and Deadman team up to stop the Keystone Killer! How far back do the killings go, and is his target the key? What or who are the “Fletchers”? Find out in THE FLASH #28, written by Brian Buccellato and illustrated by Patrick Zircher, available in stores this Wednesday.

I think it’s clear who the original Fletcher was, but the question seems to be who the killer thinks are Fletchers.

The Flash #28

History’s BIG Mystery – Review of The Flash #27

Flash #27 CoverThis issue of The Flash begins a three-parter in which Brian Buccellato gets to wrap up some story threads before moving over to Detective with Francis Manapul.  Looks like these are very important threads, as we start to delve into the biggest mystery of all for Barry Allen…


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Flash #27 Preview and Scribblenauts Variant Cover

Nerdist has a preview of The Flash #27, the first of a three-part story by writer Brian Buccellato and artist Patrick Zircher. Pasqual Ferry provides the cover for the issue, due in stores next week.

Flash #27 Cover

The summary has the Flash facing “a mystical serial killer who might be responsible for his mother’s murder,” but the preview focuses on a jewelry heist by Chroma (an updated Rainbow Raider) and Tar Pit.

(For those wondering about the presence of one of the villains, remember that everything up through #29 takes place before Forever Evil.)

Also included in the preview is the Scribblenauts variant cover, a riff on the classic Showcase #4 — the first appearance of Barry Allen.

Flash #27 Scribblenauts Variant Cover

Preview Art for Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1

DC Comics has released four pages of preview art from the first issue of Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion. The miniseries will run alongside the main Forever Evil event. Brian Buccellato writes. Patrick Zircher and Scott Hepburn draw the first two issues, with Scott Hepburn taking over solo art duties in issue three.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1 Preview Art

The Rogues Have a Code – Review of The Rogues #1

Villains Month: Flash #23.3 /  Rogues #1This is one “Villains Month” comic that I truly wish was a permanent ongoing series…not just a mini series  but a full-fledged ongoing a la Gail Simone’s old Secret Six (though I am looking forward to Rogues Rebellion).  The Flash #23.3 aka The Rogues #1 has the look and feel of an excellent series first issue, giving us a New 52 version of what has made the Rogues great for decades. These are the ultimate blue-collar crooks, not bent on world domination but on making a living the “honest” way…by robbery, of course.  Their code against killing makes them almost completely unique, especially in the DC Universe.  These colorful crooks are more human, even with their newer meta-powers, than most villains found anywhere else in comics…and it makes one almost cheer for them at times.   This is only part of why there are so many Rogues fans out there…and this issue captures the essence of what has made the group so great for so many years.


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Grodd #1 for Villains Month & Forever Evil: Rogues Mini

Flash #23.1 / Grodd #1 (still)

DC Comics has officially announced the long-rumored Villains month for the second anniversary of the New 52, and the launch of the seven-part Forever Evil event miniseries by Geoff Johns and David Finch.

For Villains Month, each ongoing series will be taken over by a villain for September.

Flash #23.1 has become Grodd #1, which appears to drop in the middle of the 6-part “Reversed.” The covers will be lenticular 3D. It’s a big file, so instead of pasting it in, I’m linking to the animated GIF of the Grodd cover.

Additionally, three five-issue miniseries will launch in October, including one that will be of interest to fans of the Scarlet Speedster:

Forever Evil: Rogues. Writer Brian Buccellato (The Flash) and Patrick Zircher (Suicide Squad) put the spotlight on the Flash’s colorful and infamous gang of Rogues, led by Captain Cold — a particular favorite of Johns, the former Flash writer, as well as Finch. “I just love his mask,” the artist says. “He looks very steely and a little bit dead in the eye, which is very evil.”

Via The Source. Update: Additional coverage of Forever Evil & Villains Month at The Beat, Newsarama and CBR.

Update: Two more one-shots have been announced: Reverse Flash & The Rogues.