Fred Chyre cast in The Flash pilot

IMDB is now listing actor Al Sapienza as playing Central City detective Fred Chyre. Presumably he’ll be a police force colleague of Barry Allen, and it’ll be interesting to see a character from the Wally West era melded into Barry’s supporting cast. It seems likely that Barry’s day job will be a major part of the series, based on the number of police-related characters in the cast (Detective West, Eddie Thawne, and now Chyre).

Sapienza is in his early 50s and is a good physical match to play Chyre. He has a long filmography (including a role in The Sopranos) and is clearly an experienced actor. He should be a good addition to the show’s cast, which is filling out nicely. The pilot begins filming next week.


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7 thoughts on “Fred Chyre cast in The Flash pilot

  1. MisterNefarious

    Not mad about that casting one bit.
    For the most part I’m pleased with all the casting choices.
    At first I was furious at Gustin, but he won me over. I really liked his portrayal in Arrow, even with how Peter parkery it was.

  2. James

    Excellent; Chyre was one of my favorite supporting characters from the first Johns run.

    I hope this means Jared Morillo is not far behind; the relationship between them was comedy gold and I’ve love to see that brought to the small screen.

  3. Kelson

    I still consider it a huge missed opportunity that Chyre and Morillo didn’t come back in Geoff Johns’ post-Rebirth run. They could have worked the Keystone side or moved to Central City, but either way it would have been interesting to see them work with Barry Allen as a cop and as the Flash.

    1. Lia Post author

      Agreed. The abrupt change-over from Wally and his supporting cast to Barry and his cast was very jarring (and I say this as a Barry fan). There was never a need to keep them so separate. And seeing the two police departments would have helped illustrate the differences between Keystone and Central City.


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