The Flash Casts….John Wesley Shipp!

John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen back in 1990In a surprise announcement, the CW has cast John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen in the 1990 Flash TV series, in the pilot for the new series starring Grant Gustin. Producers are keeping quiet about his role, though if the series is picked up, it’ll be a recurring one.

Fans of the old series have been hoping to get Shipp into the new series at some point, though I don’t think any of us expected him to appear in the first episode. I think it would be great if he played Jay Garrick, but it seems a bit early to introduce another speedster (especially with “Eddie” Thawne already on board). Alternatively, he might be playing Barry’s father, Henry Allen, wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for the murder of his wife.

Photo: John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen back in the 1990-1991 TV show.


14 thoughts on “The Flash Casts….John Wesley Shipp!

  1. Steven

    I’m so glad they got him to join the cast. I really hope he’s playing Jay Garrick. He looks perfect for the role.

  2. Mack Nathan, Flash Neighbor!

    Yes! I was hoping he’d show up.
    I think Jay Garrick, Henry Allen, Darryl Frye or someone completely new are the strongest possibilities.

  3. MisterNefarious

    Ideally I’d like him to be Jay, but I don’t really want Jay without powers and it’d be sorta bizarre for him to be the mentor type and get his powers after Barry (and we know people didn’t have powers yet)

    So my money and hopes are on Henry Allen! Could provide for some great moments. Gonna be great!

  4. CraigMD

    What if he is playing Jay Garrick and Jay has been trapped on “Earth 1” for a few years and wants Barry to help him use the particle accelerator to get home to Earth 2?

  5. Lia

    I hope he plays Jay, he really does look like him. I still can’t picture Henry in my mind as anything other than his Bronze Age incarnation, even though I know he doesn’t look like that anymore.


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