“The Fastest Sociopath Alive” – Review of ROGUES REBELLION #5

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #5When we last left the Rogues, several of them were in the custody of the Royal Flush gang, being taken to meet their ultimate fate at the hands of the Crime Syndicate.  In this issue, we see the Rogues at their best…and worst…as they figure out what to do next in another exceptional issue of  FOREVER EVIL: ROGUES REBELLION.


Mirror Master, Weather Wizard and Trickster are in custody, and Axel is busy being…well, Axel.  When Marco makes his move, it isn’t exactly what Sam was looking for…in fact, it’s the last thing Sam wanted to happen!  They settle things in typical dysfunctional Rogues fashion…but don’t worry too much about that yet.  Of course, if the Rogues are free everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) will be looking for them…including Johnny Quick (the “Fastest Sociopath Alive”) and Atomica!  If you think you can guess the end to THIS battle, guess again!  There is only one more issue to go, and this chapter does a great job of setting the table for a thrilling conclusion!

Once again, my only complaint is that this isn’t an ongoing DC title….if anyone at DC is listening MAKE THIS AN ONGOING!  Brian Buccellato is bringing out the very best in this group of characters, with a compelling storyline that has been good from the first page of issue #1 on.  Scott Hepburn’s illustrations, colored by Nick Filardi, are exceptional, with great use of page layout and effects to bring home the drama of this story.  An all-around great issue!



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