Speed Reading – Jan/Feb Link Round-Up

It’s time for another link round-up post!

Flash commentary and reviews

Flash art and Cosplay

More Comics Reviews

More Comics Stuff

Follow Along!

You can follow the Speed Force team members for additional Flash and comics material at The Rogues Kick Ass (Lia), Fastest Fan Alive (Devin), and TMStash (Ed).

Some other active Flash sites to keep an eye on include The Flash PodcastFlash TV NewsThe Fastest Forum AliveThe New 52 Flash, and FlashFans.org.


One thought on “Speed Reading – Jan/Feb Link Round-Up

  1. Kyer

    Dick Tracy watch. The first thing that I thought of when I saw the photo.
    I feel so old.

    Artists. Lovely article.
    With the exception of Mark Waid I generally could care less about potentially following a writer. (Even then I waited a year before picking up the Hawkeye HC just to see how the art was going.) It’s the artist’s work that makes me want to check out a graphic novel in the first place. Bad art drives me away (early IDW Tennant Doctor Who!) -unless- I was already solidly invested in a character beforehand. (Such was the case with Wally where I fell for him long before I decided I could barely stand a certain famous and since deceased artist’s interpretation of the characters.)

    If the art is blah then imho there is no point in investing in a graphic novel. You might as well just buy a regular novel or a novel with a scattering of quality pen/ink illustrations (the original Sherlock Holmes books.)


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