This Week: Digital Trickster (Flash #183)

There aren’t any new Flash comics this week, unless he appears in one of the Justice League books. Speaking of which, the Justice League: Trinity War hardcover collection is now available.

DC’s digital backlist jumps ahead 20 issues over the last Flash release, since issues #164-182 are already available online. These issues feature:

  • “Wonderland” by Geoff Johns and Angel Unzueta, placing Wally West in an alternate reality where he’s powerless, allies are enemies, and the Flash never existed.
  • “Blood Will Run” by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, in which cult leader Cicada decides to undo all the lifesaving the Flash has done over the years.
  • “Birthright” by Johns & Kolins, in which an old flame of Wally’s leaves behind an infant with lightning in his eyes.
  • One-off stories by Johns & Kolins, introducing new Rogues like Tar Pit, Peek-a-Boo, and Fallout, or bringing back older characters like Chunk, Grodd, and Captain Cold.

Flash #183 is avaialble on ComiXology this week. The Johns/Kolins story (with a cover by Brian Bolland) is a prologue to “Crossfire,” and introduces Axel Walker, the second Trickster.

Flash #183


3 thoughts on “This Week: Digital Trickster (Flash #183)

  1. James

    Good, good.

    They’re slowly, but surely, getting the rest of Johns’ Wally run up. I want the digital copies very much, but I’m awaiting until it’s all available.

    And speaking of which, where the hell is Rogues’ Revenge? They’ve got all the FINAL CRISIS tie-in’s up except for this little yarn.

    1. Kelson Post author

      They started with #1 a year or two back, working forward around the issues that had already been released. What’s baffling is that they’ve left a four-issue chunk missing from #115-119, spanning the end of “Race Against Time” and the “Final Night” tie-in issue. (Also: no annuals – yet.)

      FWIW, they don’t seem to have singled out Rogues Revenge, though: I can’t find Final Crisis: Revelations on ComiXology either.

  2. James

    Ah, got it.

    Hopefully, it’ll be up soon. That’s the story that made me a fan of Cold and Company and convinced me to go back and reread Johns’ Wally years.

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