Flashes in Silhouette by Steve Garcia


Firestorm Fan alerted me to a great series of art by Steve Garcia: super-heroes shown all in silhouette. Head over to his gallery on DeviantArt, or look at more Flash and Rogues art after the jump!


In addition to Steve Garcia’s DeviantArt gallery, a whole group of comics blogs are highlighting this series, including:

Firestorm Fan w/Killer FrostAquaman ShrineGreen Lanterns at the Indigo TribeBlue Beetle/Booster Gold at Kord IndustriesAmbush Bug, Metamorpho and more at My Greatest AdventureSupergirl, Lois Lane & Vibe at Comic Box CommentaryBlack Canary, Green Arrow & Huntress at Flowers & FishnetsBatman & co. at the Riddle FactoryWonder Girl “Growth” at New Wonder WomanZatanna “Magic” at Justice League DetroitBlack Lantern Martian Manhunter “Rise” at the Idol-Head of DiaboluAtom “Modesty” at Power of the AtomSteel “Sturdy” at DC BloodlinesStrange TalesCyborg at STAR Labs DetroitRed Tordano’s PathSwamp Thing at the Blog from the BogDaredevil, Hulk, & Captain AmericaCaptain Atom at Splitting AtomsEeyow it’s Plastic ManThor at The Hammer StrikesBooster Gold “Fame” at BoosterificMartian Manhunter “Empathy” at The Idol-Head of DiaboluWonder Woman “Truth” at New Wonder WomanHawkgirl “Spirit” at Power of the AtomCaptain Marvel “Might” at DC Bloodlines

Thanks to Shag at Firestorm Fan for organizing the event!


2 thoughts on “Flashes in Silhouette by Steve Garcia

  1. Arthur Canning

    I had no idea he did so many FLASH posters – I love Zoom, and the whole gang up there. And though I know this is off-topic – What do you think of the Flash TV show next season?


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