Barry Allen in the Finals of DC Marvel Superhero March Madness!

Barry Allen has made it to the FINALS of DC Marvel Superhero March Madness by defeating Power Girl.  He will face-off with Captain America in the championship round.  Here’s a quick link to that match – be sure to stop by and vote!


5 thoughts on “Barry Allen in the Finals of DC Marvel Superhero March Madness!

  1. Scott Timms

    VOTE VOTE VOTE…DONT LET CAPTIN LAMO WIN!!!…even if the movie was good..its DC vs Marvel!!!!! Lets draft behind the FASTEST MAN ALIVE

    1. FlashFan207

      “Captain Lamo” Hahahahahahaha!!! Nice one. Hate that guy. Barry seems to be picking up some speed now, but we can’t let up!

      1. Scott Timms

        Looks like its pretty much wrapped up. Over 10,000 votes!!! That was strangely fun!!!!! FastestManAlive!!!

  2. Kelson

    Awesome! These things always seem to boil down to Wolverine vs. Batman, so it’s refreshing to see Flash vs. Captain America.

    Barry may have an uphill battle at this point though, since he’s not the one with a movie opening this weekend.


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