Funko Pop! Blue Lantern Flash Figurine Announced


Hey Speed Readers,

Yet another awesome Funko Pop! Flash figurine has been announced: Blue Lantern Flash is coming from Funko Pop! available in a standard version and a special metallic variant in the next couple of months.


Unfortunately, only fans who attend C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) 2014 and Wondercon 2014 will have a chance to pick the figure up in person. However, the “urban vinyl toy store”, Fugitive Toys will again be offering preorders for the figures online. Both went on sale for preorder this past Tuesday and the preorders are already sold out! The metallic variant retailed for $34.95 usd and the standard version was $16.95 usd. Hopefully Fugitive Toys will be offering the figures again because if they don’t we will have to deal with scalper prices. In fact toy scalpers have already seen the demand (and probably bought up most of the preorders) and have thrown the figures up on evilBay eBay. The lowest price for the standard version is $48 and the metallic variant is twice that. *Sigh*

Exclusives are big money and they bring in customers and attendees; but they are a serious headache and a source of great frustration for fans like myself who love these products but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them. The figurines are officially due for release late this April or early May, so I am crossing my fingers that Fugitive Toys will be able to offer these guys again.



If you recall in the past couple of years Dallas Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con have both offered exclusive Funko Pop! Flash figurines to also be sold at Fugitive Toys later on. DCC offered two versions of the Reverse Flash; a standard version and a glow in the dark variant and NYCC offered the Black Flash. I love Funko Pop’s stuff! From the bizarre Domo Flash to plushes and apparel, I’ve gotten my hands on just about every bit of Flash merchandise they’ve put out. But the hunt for these exclusives is getting a bit out of hand. Fortunately these don’t seem to be limited to only 2000 pieces (I’m looking at you Dallas Comic-Con Reverse Flash Glow in the Dark variant) so maybe they will be a bit more plentiful. One can only hope. Heck I still haven’t been able to track down that metallic red Flash variant from a few years back for a reasonable price.


Oh, like I said, I love Funko Pop!


How do you feel about Funko’s Convention and Online exclusives? What do you think of the Blue Lantern Flash Figurine? Please let us know in the comments below.



7 thoughts on “Funko Pop! Blue Lantern Flash Figurine Announced

  1. Kyer

    Every time I see Blue Barry I think of that song….I Am Blue by Eiffel. 😀 Kyer also loves Funko. It must be those eyes. Who can hate on those eyes? My favorite is still the Domo Flash even though I only know of the character through Funko and Target stores years back.
    The metallics are nice. I almost got the blue Batman last year.

  2. veronicadiall

    Wow! I thought I was the only person who liked this. I have two of the regular Flash. I’ll have to ask my dealer to get me the blue one.

  3. Lia

    Pretty cool. I’ll get one if I can find it for a decent price (I have the regular pre-52 Flash). I’d really like to get the Professor Zoom repaint but suspect that it’ll always be too expensive.


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