More Clues About Wally West from WonderCon – DC All Access

The “DC Entertainment” YouTube channel just uploaded an interview at WonderCon with upcoming FLASH writer Robert Venditti.  The questions are the usual fare you’ve heard a alot lately…but take a look at what they put up on screen while they talk about Wally.  This should answer a lot of questions (and possibly confirm some rumors).  The question starts at 0:58 on the video…and the pics begin around 1:13, with a FACE showing up around 1:26.   There is something else about those pics, but we’ll let you comment on that. The video can be seen just after the jump…so, what are YOUR thoughts???

Here’s the video!


3 thoughts on “More Clues About Wally West from WonderCon – DC All Access

  1. Kyer

    So this just cemented that Barry is the Blue Flash. Kind of figured that already. Meh. So Barry gets yet another cool outfit and apparently Barbara’s wheelchair has been pulled out of the mothballs, revamped, and given away….probably temporarily until some event is corrected.

    Sorry, still not stoked about nu-Wally yet, DC. Feel free to try to wow me. Meanwhile, I’ll be over at my desk re-reading beloved old Wally, Jay, Bart, Barry….

    Oh, wow, the TARDIS! Con fotos!

  2. Thunderbolt_005

    I too am excited about the return of Wally, but I am waiting to see where DC might take my long time favorite character after thrashing him from top to bottom.


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