Venditti Discusses Flash At WonderCon

Robert Venditti, the incoming co-writer of the Flash series, appeared at DC’s New 52 panel today at WonderCon. CBR was there to provide coverage of the event, and here are some of the Flash-related highlights. There are possible spoilers revealed here, although nothing major. The creators seem to be keeping most details close to the vest for now.

To the delight of many, Wally West will be a permanent member of the book.

“One of things we’re focusing on is how Barry affects Wally, how Wally affects Barry and how Wally affects the Flash,” said Venditti. “This new character designed by Brett Booth is a mystery figure, but is very central to what this first arc is going to be. We’re introducing new villains, we’re working with fan-favorite villains.”

In response to a fan question, Venditti said he and co-writer Van Jensen won’t be immediately picking up on the Nora Allen murder plotline. Though there weren’t many details about it, he said the book has a planned concrete story arc that will go until October. And part of the book is going to be about “the relationship he has with Wally. As far as solving that great mystery they left that last issue with, that’s going to be pretty far down the road.”

The next issue (out next week) picks up right at the end of Forever Evil, as indicated by the preview we’ve already seen.

“Central City was one of the main focuses of the ‘Rogues Rebellion’ storyline. … As a defender of the city, Barry has to try and put the city back together, but also put himself back together. How does he deal with the guilt of not being able to be there when the city needed him most?” Venditti said. “You can imagine the enormous backlog of crime and death he would have to deal with and there’s no avoiding it.”

Barry and the rest of the Central City police officers will have to undergo psychological evaluation, possibly because of the traumatic events in Forever Evil. Iris West will also be a major focus of the series, and there will be an “opportunity for Barry and Iris to spend more time together.” That seems to hint at a possible relationship and difficulties with Patty Spivot, although Venditti said the writers won’t force anything. And there will be conflict between Barry and Wally, but it “won’t be what [readers] are expecting.”

Are you glad to hear about Wally’s major role, and more interaction between Barry and Iris? Share your thoughts here.


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