Media Blitz! Venditti and Jensen Talk With CBR About Wally West and More!

New Flash writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen are featured today at Comic Book Resources in an interview about their plans for Wally West, the Rogues and more as their run begins with issue #30 on April 30.   While some parts of Wally’s New 52 debut are still secret, we get a sense of the imporance of his relationship with Barry…and how long they plan to keep Wally as a big part of the series.  Follow the jump to get the details!

On the relationship between Barry and Wally:

Jensen: I think the big thing again is that we are really focusing on the relationship between Barry and Wally. That’s what’s most compelling because it’s quite a bit different from what we’ve seen before. In a really interesting way, there’s just an innovative wrinkle that makes it interesting to write and, we hope, read.

Venditti: I think that it is a relationship unique to pretty much any other relationship in the New 52. I don’t know if we’ve seen two characters dealt with in the same way in the New 52 than we have with these two.

Jensen: It’s definitely something different for superhero comics. And it’s been that way with everything with this series. Their relationship being the core of the story that we’re telling has been extremely enjoyable to write.

Venditti: And Wally is going to be a huge part of the cast as I was saying earlier. Not just the focal point of this initial arc but he’s going to be around for a long time to come. We’re not just reintroducing the character now because of certain stories that we have in mind for the character. It’s all based on character. And it’s all about how Barry affects Wally and Wally affects Barry and the two of them and everyone around them.

On whether Wally will have super speed:

Venditti: I think it’s too early to talk about that but I will say that the power set and the Speed  Force are both going to be an integral part of this arc that Van and I starting in “The Flash Annual” #3.

On plans for Rogues (both classic and new villains):

Jensen: We’re actually doing both. One of the most fun things in getting to work on “The Flash” is his rogues gallery. I don’t want to spoil anything but we are going to see this really interesting blend of existing rogues and some new rogues and some forgotten rogues. It’s really been a cool creator challenge to gather future and present storylines while introducing new stuff, as well as reintroducing other things. And again, we’re doing that while making sure that we’re developing the characters. And we’re also really looking at the Rogues and creating some really new wrinkles for them, in addition to bringing in some colorful new foils for Flash.

On Brett Booth taking on the art duties:

Venditti: Brett and [inker] Norm [Rapmund] bring so much energy with their art work. I get a real sense as the pages are coming in not only of how the art looks but also how well we are all responding with one another on our e-mail chains. We are all having a lot of fun on this title and everybody is really excited about it. It’s created a really great work environment not just in terms of the quality of what they’re doing and the energy that they are bringing to the story and the layouts and character designs — there are lot of new costumes designs and new villains that Van was alluding to earlier — but also just overall talking back and forth with those guys has been a great time.

Jensen: Brett has been a fan of the Flash for years and years and years, and you can just tell how incredibly excited he is to be working on the book by how much energy he brings. I had not worked with him before so it’s been a real treat to see those pages pop into my inbox. And every one is better than the last one.

The full story has further details on their plans for Barry, his role in the greater DC Universe, hints at the state of Central City and more!  Check out the full story at CBR for the full piece!

What do you think of the latest news about the future of THE FLASH?


5 thoughts on “Media Blitz! Venditti and Jensen Talk With CBR About Wally West and More!

  1. Kyer

    “Vendetti: I will say that the power set and the Speed Force are both going to be an integral part of this arc…”

    Well dear Lord…I’d hope so considering the title character of the book. It would suck if Barry lost his speed mojo during this arc. 😉

    What do I think? Nothing. Didn’t see any new revelations I cared to know about.

  2. TheFlash1990

    Good interview. Very anxious to see their takes on the characters. It’s good to get some new blood in there. Art looks great. I hope they do Barry and the rest of The Flash family justice.

  3. Steve

    Were people really that interested in the previous version of Wally West because he was a member of Barry’s supporting cast? I seem to remember people being more intrigued by the fact that he did stuff as a superhero.

    1. Kelson

      Wally as supporting cast is an interesting case because unlike Robin, he was more of a franchise character than a sidekick. After being introduced in The Flash, he immediately spun off into solo adventures in backup stories, and then into Teen Titans. Prior to the change in series structure in 1979 (Iris’ death and the switch from one-off stories to serialized), Wally actually appears in more solo adventures in the pages of The Flash than guest spots in stories with Barry as lead.


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