Two more FLASH Trailers — including an extended 5-minute preview!

News on the Flash TV show is hitting fast and furious — appropriately enough. The CW has released TWO more trailers in addition to yesterday’s Arrow teaser, “Don’t Blink” — including the following extended five-minute trailer!

There’s also another short clip, “New Name.”

As reported earlier, the show will air Tuesdays at 8pm, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s old timeslot. Marvel’s show is moving to 9pm. If they weren’t completely separate networks I’d almost think they’d coordinated it.

(Via Flash TV News.)

So what do you think of the new, longer look at The Flash?


31 thoughts on “Two more FLASH Trailers — including an extended 5-minute preview!

    1. Lia

      Clyde Mardon. He sure seems like he’s going to be the Weather Wizard in the show. In the comics (pre-New 52), he was Mark’s brother who invented the weather wand.

  1. MisterNefarious

    I like it! Did I hear wrong that weather wizard is Clyde mardon?

    I at least wish mardon had the big yellow V on his jacket. Hopefully this show gets around to having villains in costumes as well, which took arrow WAY too long

  2. Golddragon71


    1. Kyer

      Yep. So Green Lantern Hal Jordan may be next. Which would be neat as have always loved Flash & Lantern together….if not necessarily those two in particular.
      Weather Wizard needs a costume. Really. Screw realism. He needs a costume.
      Who was the guy in the wheelchair, the woman, and the Mowgli kid?

  3. Scott Timms

    I think it will be his brother. They want to be diverse, so I cant see them passing on a latin villian. However, are licensing werid some times. Where they cant use certain names. I dont know but I cant think of reason to change weatehr wizard. Also, thought visually weather wizard would give Flash some of the best fights. OMG Gorilla Gridd will appear at some point right?!?!

  4. johnnywellens

    Personal gripes about continuity and it being Barry not Wally (sad face) this show looks like it could be a lot of fun. One problem Flash has always had is that people screw with his speed. In one episode he’s faster than light and the next he’s lugging behind a van on the freeway. So far his powers look to be pretty consistent and I absolutely love the scene where he saves that biker. The costume I’m not a fan of as the head looks too much like a helmet, there’s not enough yellow, the red is too dark and the emblem is missing the white. Here’s hoping that his costume evolves. Again, though I have some personal gripes because I can’t let go of the past, this show actually looks pretty darn cool and I’m officially on board.

    1. johnnywellens

      AND I’ll tell you what, the fact that they’re not using New 52 Reverse-Flash AND the fact that his costume appears to be yellow made me so friggin’ happy.

      1. MisterNefarious

        I’d be fine with either reverse flash. I really liked new 52 reverse flash, but it’ll be nice to get a presumably more traditional version.

  5. Kelson Post author

    I find it really interesting that they’re going straight for TWO major villains right in the first episode, especially when compared to the 1990 series. The villains in that pilot were a motorcycle gang, and they didn’t bring in any recognizable villains from the comics until halfway through the season.

    Of course, that was when the network wanted him to wear a gray sweat suit instead of the red costume.

    1. Kyer

      Maybe this team has the smarts NOT to start out with ‘mundane’ villains and wait for ‘audience build’ or whatever reasons they had back in 1990.

    2. Nick!

      Different times. Whatever the reason, comic book properties and their standard goofiness are accepted much more by audiences today than back in 1990.

  6. Savitar

    Wow, WOW, amazing trailer. The super-speed effects looked good, I think Gustin is going to do great as he’s given more time and room to expand his portrayal of Barry, the ‘assistance’ of STAR Labs, and the possible emergence of metahumans throws the doors wide open for DC characters they can use.

    October can’t get here fast enough, hahaha.

  7. married guy

    THIS fills me with joy! It looks very good, and the fact that they will be making use of Barry’s forensic nouse is another big tick.

    Eobard had me squeeling like a little girl, and throw in easter eggs like Vibe, Killer Frost and Green Lantern, DC could really get something started on television. We’ve already seen Flash, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Suicide Squad and Superman. It looks MUCH brighter than their feature film stuff anyway.

    And although it’s Barry, I especially liked that they paraphrased Waid’s monthly Wally West intro. “My name is….. and I’m the fastest man alive!”

    Colour me ‘cautiously’ excited.

  8. Scott Timms

    Wait too villians? i saw weather wizard who is the other? So exciting ahhh!!!! Reverse Flash nm I just remembered the second. AND he is the pre 52 version (should make a few folks smile). Until they develop Daniel West Thawne is still THE reverse flash. When can I see Grodd when can I see Grodd eh eh!! I wanna run around in circles.

  9. Scott Timms

    two* I really have to atleast skim this stuff before I hit send. O yeah and Agents of Shield is super lame. Honestly, I dont think Marvel has the depth of characters for a running show.

    1. MisterNefarious

      Marvel characters have no less depth than dc ones. The problem is that the characters in agents of shield just aren’t interesting outside of them stringing us along about the whole Tahiti thing.

      I gave up five or six episodes in. It was very meh.

      1. Kelson Post author

        Indeed. In fact, what set Marvel apart from DC back in the Silver Age was Marvel’s greater focus on the characters under the masks.

        As for SHIELD specifically, it did eventually get better. I went back to it about halfway through the season, and the Cap 2/Hydra storyline that ran through the last 6 or so episodes really forced — or depending on what you hear, allowed — them to kick things up a notch.

  10. CraigMD

    Anybody else catch that the name of the van Barry crashes in to (after he runs for the first time) is Gambi Cleaners or Cleaning. No doubt named after Paul Gambi who created the costumes for the Rogues in the pre-New 52 DCU.

    1. Kyer


      O man. Can’t you picture it? Caught in the wind, Rogue clothes flying everywhere around Barry, Trickster pants floats down on his head, while the aghast Gambi Cleaners driver goes all pale and then skeedadles out of there.
      I think I just got my endorphins quota for the day.


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