“Champions of Justice” Panel at SDCC

There was a “Champions of Justice” (the Justice League group of titles) panel on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, and Flash writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen were there, along with DC’s Chief Creative Officer (and producer on the Flash TV series) Geoff Johns. CBR and Newsarama were on hand to cover the event. There are mild spoilers included here, but the creators were seemingly trying not to give away too much information. See more after the cut.

Venditti and Jensen discussed the current storyline on the Flash book, including some talk about plans for Wally West.

As per CBR:

Venditti and Jensen talked about their new take on “The Flash” which shifts between new challenges for Barry Allen in his police department job and a future version of the character who’s losing time due to his powers. “It’s kind of broken him, and now he’s running back in time to try to fix what’s broken in the Speed Force,” Venditti said. The New 52 Wally West is the lynchpin of the story as one of the major failings that the future Flash is trying to fix is the death of the young character. The co-writer added that he felt the connection between the adult Flash and the new Kid Flash adds a unique element to the New 52.

Newsarama reports:

“Wally West is a tremendous character, we’ve had a lot of fun writing. it’s really added a lot to the book,” Venditti said. His death is one of the things Future-Barry wants to fix/prevent. Jensen added, “It combines big superheroics with a heavy scifi element and a lot of smaller character moments, the crime/CSI component, it’s a lot to work in, but it’s all really good stuff.”

A fan asked if Wally would embrace the role of Kid Flash, and Jensen replied “I think you can say that we will see Wally run.”

In respose to a fan question about aspects of the television series leaking into the monthly comic book and vice versa, Johns said “There’s actually one thing going on in the book right now that will happen on the show eventually”, but did not elaborate. Venditti and Jensen said the two properties were fairly separate, although Johns said he’d remind them of what he was talking about after the panel.

If you’d like to see the full write-ups of the panel (including discussion of other Justice League-centric titles), you can read CBR‘s and Newsarama‘s coverage at the links.

More coverage of SDCC news to come.


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