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A Trip to SDCC 2014

Iron Man, Flash and Red HoodThis year’s trip to Comic-Con International in San Diego went a bit better than last year, when I ended up losing an entire afternoon to an ER visit. That didn’t happen this year. Even better: we managed to catch some fascinating panels, meet some artists and writers, find some cool stuff, see people in awesome costumes, and even learn some useful information.

Sadly, I didn’t make it to the Flash pilot screenings, since they were Wednesday and Saturday, and my tickets were for Thursday and Friday. But I did get to see the extended preview and cast/crew discussion panel for iZombie, which looks like it’ll be a lot of fun in a Pushing Daisies/Veronica Mars/Buffy sort of way.

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New Look At More Heroclix

wizkids-sdcc-day-one07b Do you remember the Heroclix Flash set which was covered here a few days ago? It turns out that I should have been checking back every day, because WizKids added new ones for each day of SDCC. In addition to the ones we already saw, we now have a glimpse at Savitar, Abra Kadabra, an unpainted figure of the Shade, and New 52 Pied Piper. Also, somebody managed to find a tiny ad for the set which showed either Professor Zoom or Zoom. So there’s an interesting mix of New 52 and pre-reboot characters in this set, as well as some non-Flashverse characters like Flashpoint Deathstroke and the Authority. You can see more photos of these and some Marvel Heroclix at Crittohit.

heroclix-day-two03b heroclix-day-three08b

While we’re here, there’s another collectible set I wanted to mention. Originally, the Flashpoint Professor Zoom and Batman paperweights were going to be an online exclusive, and then the company said they’d be sold at SDCC. And the busts were indeed sold as SDCC exclusives, but they’re now apparently available through Previews as well. So if you had some interest in them but despaired about getting them from SDCC, you can seemingly order them via your local comic shop. They cost $50 at SDCC, and my comic shop owner said the price will probably be the same if you get it through Previews.

Anyone planning to pick these things up? Are there any other Flashverse characters you’re hoping to see announced in the Heroclix set? There will doubtlessly be more to come.


It’s pretty late here on the east coast, and CBR and Newsarama seem to have ended their news coverage before the start of this panel. All reporting comes from the Twitter account @KSiteTV and their sister site, @FlashTVNews.

The Flash pilot officially aired for the first time tonight at SDCC. However, it’s an open secret that the pilot leaked onto the Internet about a month ago, and that’s why there have been so many spoilers flying around. The information repeated here does contain spoilers for the pilot (and beyond), so be warned.

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Flash Collectibles at SDCC

Along with Toy Fair, San Diego Comic-Con is known for being one of the major showcases of upcoming toys and statues. This year has been no different, giving fans some sneak peeks at several Flash-related figures.

sideshow prototype There’s a truly amazing 1:6 scale Flash figure coming out from Sideshow Collectibles. I don’t think the release date or price (Sideshow tends to have high-end products which are priced accordingly) have been announced yet, but it’s awfully tempting. There will also be a Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman released in the same line, and you can see some more photos here.

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Multiversity at SDCC

Grant Morrison held a Multiversity panel at SDCC on Friday, and there were several details of interest to Flash fans. And today there was also the debut of Morrison’s Multiversity map, a psychadelic guide to the DC universe. The map includes the Speed Force Wall, which is “otherwise known to the denizens of the Orrery as the Speed of Light”. Unfortunately I can’t quite read the rest of the text in full because it’s rather small, but it’ll be interesting to hear more about it.

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