Half of Firestorm Joins Flash TV Cast

Robbie AmellMore Flash TV news: The Flash is adding a new supporting character who will look familiar to readers of the comic books: Ronnie Raymond, better known as one of the two people who combine to form Firestorm: The Nuclear Man.

According to DC’s website, he’ll be “a maintenance worker at S.T.A.R. Labs and Dr. Caitlin Snow’s fiancĂ©, and he plays an integral part in the particle accelerator accident that transforms Barry Allen into the Flash.”

Considering that Killer Frost/Caitin Snow comes out of the Firestorm corner of the DCU, linking the characters makes sense.

Raymond will be played by Robbie Amell, most recently seen on The Tomorrow People. (And yes, he’s related to Arrow star Stephen Amell – he’s his cousin.)

Flash and Firestorm may not seem like an obvious combination, though they have of course worked together in the Justice League and in various universe-spanning events…but back in the 1980s, Firestorm appeared in a series of backup stories in the pages of The Flash, making his appearance here even more appropriate!


7 thoughts on “Half of Firestorm Joins Flash TV Cast

  1. Kyer

    Oh. That’s who Ronnie is.
    Anyway, does anyone know when this stiched monster DC covers is going to be over and done? Because I accidentally ran into them (including the ones featuring the speedsters) and am still feeling sick from the sights. Going to stay away from comic book sites in general until it’s over.

  2. Lia

    Comicsverse Felicity Smoak is Ronnie Raymond’s stepmother. Obviously they won’t be doing that in the TV series, but I wonder if there’ll be some kind of connection.

  3. Scott Timms

    Wonder if they will do professor/teen version or geek/jock version? I love what Phil said in the comments!! I want the dc universe to bust through. So if this helps great, but better not screw up the flash. Im a pretty happy go lucky fan but I will be LIVID if they screw up my most beloved character. Seriously I will blow a fuse!!! No pressure

  4. Luke

    I have one Problem with this… Ronnie Raymond is the Brawn side of Firestorm, meaning the body, While Jason is the Brain side of Firestorm. If any character would work at S.T.A.R. Labs its Jason not Ronnie. Don’t get me wrong I am a Flash and Firestorm Fan so this is going to be good, But DC doesn’t need to change the characters too much from the comics. I mean Barry is already younger than Ronnie and that is not right either.


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