Flash TV Quick Hits: Clancy Brown and the Clock King

Two Flash TV series updates:

Clancy Brown will play General Wade Eiling in a recurring role. “The General” will appear first in episode 5 as the leader of a black-ops team pursuing Plastique. Eiling comes out of the Captain Atom corner of the DCU and has been an ally/enemy of the Justice League and Suicide Squad as his own motivations coincide with and diverge from their agendas.

You may recall Clancy Brown’s voice as Lex Luthor in the DC Animated Universe Superman and Justice League cartoons.

The Clock King returns in Episode 7, played as in Arrow by Robert Knepper. I seem to recall that Episode 8 was to be the actual crossover between the two series, but I could be misremembering or they might be changing plans.


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