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Hey Speed Readers,

So in anticipation of the upcoming Flash-themed HeroClix set aptly named, The Flash, HeroClix.com has began previewing some of the updated dials and new characters that we will be seeing come November. First up we have a new version of Barry Allen based on his interpretation in the New 52:


The Flash comes at us with some Improved Movement and can ignore elevated terrain. The Flash has a trait called Speed Force; every time The Flash moves at least one square and hits one or more adjacent characters, you may place a Speed token on his card after actions resolve. You may also increase The Flash’s speed value by the number of Speed tokens on this card.

What are Speed tokens good for?

Faster Than Thought is the other of The Flash’s traits and will allow him to use Super Senses. Once per turn, you may remove a Speed token from this card to reroll one of his Super Senses rolls.

The Flash has a special power called Flash Fact. As you build up Speed tokens on The Flash’s card he will gain the use of additional powers. So when The Flash has at least 2 Speed tokens, he can use Empower. If he has at least 3 Speed tokens, he can use Enhancement. If he has at least 4 Speed tokens, he can use Probability Control. These are powers that The Flash can use and they do stack based on the number of Speed Tokens on his card.

Read more: http://heroclix.com/heroclix/preview/dc-heroclix-flash-flash-bizarro-flash/#ixzz3CdbTMOAo

I love Barry’s first power “Leaving Footprints On The Sides of Buildings” which gives Barry the ability to ignore elevated terrain (like buildings and mountains) in play, giving him a huge tactical advantage. Running up the sides of buildings and running on water are also two of my favorite things to see The Flash (or any speedster, really) do visually so it is cool that they added it as an ability. The HeroClix team always seems to come up with clever names for power descriptions; They clearly do their research.

Next up is Bizarro Flash who unlike the Reverse Flash(es) is literally the opposite of The Flash. Not only in powers but also mannerisms:


The uncommon Prime figure has the Speed Force trait and is able to gain tokens and increase his speed value. Bizarro Flash’s other trait called Slow Force allows him to gain Speed tokens in a much different way. At the end of your turn, if Bizarro Flash missed all his attacks this turn, place a Speed token on his card.

How do the Speed tokens help Bizarro Flash?

Bizarro Flash’s attack special power called Slow Dowwwwwwwwn will allow Bizarro Flash to be given a free action and remove a Speed token from his card. If you do, other characters within 8 squares can’t use Hypersonic Speed until your next turn. The other special power on Bizarro Flash’s damage slot is called Picking Up The Pace and shows up in his mid to late dial. This will allow Bizarro Flash to use Flurry and Close Combat Expert. Remove a Speed token from this card and you may activate Close Combat Expert with a close combat attack this turn.

Read more: http://heroclix.com/heroclix/preview/dc-heroclix-flash-flash-bizarro-flash/#ixzz3CdbKb0Ho

HeroClix and Wizkids continue to not only develop interesting ways to simulate super powers in a game but also boasts the most complete DC Universe that just about anyone could ask for. Just about every character has been made into a ‘Clix and therein lies the strength of HeroClix; Heck, I don’t even really play the game anymore, but I love having a complete Speed Force and a complete team of Flash Rogues and villains.

You can read more at HeroClix.com and you can bet that they will be releasing more information as the date draws nearer.

DC HeroClix: The Flash will be released on November 5, 2014 with a Primer Gravity Feed Set (kind of a preview) coming October 10th.

So who plans on picking up a few bricks? Anyone plan on cherry picking like yours truly? Please, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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