Darwyn Cooke’s Variant Cover for Flash #37

Next up in DC Comics’ variant cover themes is, for some reason, not a subject or style, but an artist: Darwyn Cooke is doing landscape covers for a ton of DC’s December comics, including The Flash #37.

Flash #37 Darwyn Cooke variant cover

I first encountered Cooke’s retro 1950s-style art on the miniseries DC: The New Frontier, which I highly recommend. It links the appearance of super-heroes with the dawn of the Space Age, complete with the early Cold War and the societal upheaval going on at the time. Look for the collected edition or pick it up digitally.


2 thoughts on “Darwyn Cooke’s Variant Cover for Flash #37

  1. David Vickery

    The Teen Titans cover also has Donna Troy and Kid Flash Wally on it, which was nice to see (even though none of those characters are in the Teen Titans’ current run, amusingly).

  2. Wayne Lippa

    I may have to get some of these covers. I’ve got his Flash #7 variant (the 75th anniversary cover) and I picked up this month’s Justice League #33 Darwin Cooke variant because I thought it looked great, so December might be a Darwin Cooke month for me.


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