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Darwyn Cooke’s Variant Cover for Flash #37

Next up in DC Comics’ variant cover themes is, for some reason, not a subject or style, but an artist: Darwyn Cooke is doing landscape covers for a ton of DC’s December comics, including The Flash #37.

Flash #37 Darwyn Cooke variant cover

I first encountered Cooke’s retro 1950s-style art on the miniseries DC: The New Frontier, which I highly recommend. It links the appearance of super-heroes with the dawn of the Space Age, complete with the early Cold War and the societal upheaval going on at the time. Look for the collected edition or pick it up digitally.

Jay Garrick Cameo Pulled from The Shade

Bleeding Cool posts a page of original art from The Shade #4 found on Albert Moy. The page didn’t appear in the book, though, because it featured the Golden Age Flash and Starman.

As I understand it, James Robinson and the various artists have been working on this series since before the relaunch, and have had to make a few changes along the way in order to fit into the New 52.

Flash #7 Variant Cover by Darwyn Cooke

DC’s blog, The Source, has revealed Darwyn Cooke’s variant cover for The Flash #7. It’s an homage to the classic first appearance of the Reverse-Flash in the 1963 Flash #139 (cover via GCD).

It’s a fantastic cover, both in its own right and as an homage…but I think it would be a better fit for the following issue, which actually focuses on Professor Zoom, rather than this one, which is a spotlight on Captain Boomerang.

(Thanks to Wayne Lippa for spotting this one!)

Update: Converted to RGB so those of you on Internet Explorer can actually see it, since it’s the only web browser in major use that can’t display CMYK-based JPEGs.