News Round-Up talked to Grant Gustin about whether he’s comfortable playing Barry yet, and what kinds of research he did to prepare for the role.

The DC blog has an interview with Candice Patton (Iris West), in which they discuss her favourite superhero, what she would do if she had superspeed, and more. Starting next week, she will apparently be photo-blogging about what it’s like to work on the Flash series, so that’s something to look forward to at the DC blog.

The Nerdist talked to Geoff Johns about Captain Cold’s role in the TV series (Johns co-wrote his debut episode), as well as a bit about the lighter tone of the Flash comic series:

Geoff Johns: One of the things I always thought when Francis Manapul and I started the Barry Allen run is that even though Barry had all this tragedy in his life he was still the Flash. He was still interacting with people, he was still cheerful, and it was still a bright book. It’s just who the Flash is. He’s not a dark character. He’s a blue-sky character. He runs around during the day. It’s just intentional. Obviously we want to celebrate superheroes and this is a way to celebrate them.

Hero Complex talked to Flash writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen about the role of Wally West in the ongoing comics series, as well as some of the controversy which has surrounded his current characterization. There are some spoilers for the Futures End: Flash issue, so be warned.

As reported at — and many other sites — the Arrow half of the Arrow/Flash crossover episode will be titled “The Brave And The Bold”. This has obvious connotations for DC fans, even if one half of the duo will be Oliver Queen instead of Hal Jordan. (And as you may recall, the Flash episode of the crossover has the more prosaic title of “Flash Vs Arrow”.)

Finally, there’s a new preview clip from the pilot episode — which debuts a week from today, on October 7. You may have seen most of this footage already if you watched Barry’s appearance on Arrow, but there’s also another brief cameo which is unique to the Flash pilot and is relevant to another character.
Thanks to Flash TV News for the link and heads-up!


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3 thoughts on “News Round-Up

  1. Mr. F

    AAAARGH! Barry Allen didn’t have all that tragedy in his life until you retconned it to be that way Geoff Johns, you fanfic hack!
    Man…seeing the words that man says make me even more angry than reading the words he writes

  2. Steve

    The justification of Wally being upset at the Flash for the disappearance of his mother just does not hold any water in the Nu52. First of all, it’s a poor justification that reflects poorly on the character, because he’s not mad at the Flash for having an active role in his mother’s disappearance, he’s mad at the Flash for possibly being killed or abducted and therefor unable to solve all of the city’s problems. That is not anger that is justifiable in ANY WAY. Not in the real world, and certainly not in a world where superheroes are a relatively new thing, and still kind of scary to the general public. It’s a bizarre sense of entitlement (much like being mad at Barry for buying him baseball tickets instead of basketball tickets) that kind of makes him seem spoiled rather than neglected. Which would be fine if that fit his upbringing, but from all the Iris exposition, it seems like he actually had things pretty rough. And if that’s truly the case…why would he expect strangers to be totally flawless and selfless in solving all of his family’s problems? It does not add up at all.


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