Flash TV snippets

Another Flash trailer! Like most of the others so far, it’s made up of scenes from the pilot episode.

See actor Candice Patton’s (Iris West) photoblog at the DC site, with behind-the-scenes images of the Flash set and actors.

Two recent interviews with Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne): at the DC blog and at CBR. Both pieces dance around the possibilities of where his character may or may not be heading, thanks to his infamous surname, and he’s apparently aware of the Thawne history in the comics.

Flashfans.org has a brief video interview with Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp. They talk a bit about the differences between their two portrayals of Barry Allen, as well as the relationship between Barry and Henry Allen.

Geoff Johns discusses some of the Rogues. It isn’t clear to me whether he’s talking about their TV selves or comics incarnations (maybe a mixture of both), but perhaps it’ll give us some insights into what will be done with the television Rogues.


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