The Flash Season Zero Chapter 3 (Review)

flash season zero digital chapter 3 coverRecently we reviewed the print version of THE FLASH SEASON ZERO, which contains the first two chapters of this digital-first series.  Now, we pick back up with the digital chapters as each one is released.  When we last left everyone, there was a zoo full of animals on the march in Central City! What could be behind this…and how can Barry save everyone without giving himself away as The Flash?


It’s almost the perfect storm – dangerous animals threatening everyone, Barry can’t reveal his powers but he’s right there with everyone he cares about (okay, Eddie Thawne is also there, and would it really be so bad if…okay, not really).  This sequence frames the chapter as Barry is working on two fronts – saving those at the scene in secret while working publicly as The Flash across town to deal with all the other animals who are wreaking havoc on the Gem Cities.

What’s behind all this? Without giving too much away, there is a definite theme that ties all the story threads together from the series so far – and it has something to do with the circus. That brings the CSI side of Barry’s character to the forefront, and sets us up for the direction this story will take in future chapters.

This series has already established an overall positive and hopeful tone, and that truly fits the Barry Allen we know and love.  Barry may be early in his career and just learning to be a hero, but he already shows the positive nature and fun attitude that set The Flash apart as a superhero.  As for the series itself, keep in mind that digital-first stories have a much smaller “page” count, so you won’t see as much going on in a digital chapter as you will in a full print issue…but you also are only paying 99 cents US, and you get much more than your money’s worth with this tale.  If the TV series can keep this tone going, we’re in for a real treat.

THE FLASH SEASON ZERO is brought to us by the Executive Producer of ARROW and THE FLASH, Andrew Kreisberg, along with ARROW and FLASH writers Brooke Eikmeier and Katherine Walczak, Phil Hester handles the illustrations with Eric Gapstur (with colors by Kelsey Shannon).  I’m enjoying this so far – it’s a different feel than the regular FLASH comic, but there is certainly a place for both approaches in the comics world…and very definitely room for this approach in the TV series (can’t WAIT for Tuesday night!).


One thought on “The Flash Season Zero Chapter 3 (Review)

  1. Joshua

    The first two issues were very mediocre but this was a strong improvement. Better dialogue, some funny moments, and nice to see the scientist side. The Arrow tie-in is still a lot stronger series, but this issue convinced me to stick around.


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