“The Man In The Yellow Suit” – Review of THE FLASH Episode 109

Ever since the beginning of this series, we’ve been waiting for this…”The Man In the Yellow Suit”! Now that we have hit the mid-season finale, we finally get a throw-down between Barry and…whoever is in that yellow cowl. But, that’s far from all that we get in this episode. We find the reappearance of Dr. Tina McGee, and some significant events for the personal lives of just about everyone concerned, as we turn to our review of Episode 109 of THE FLASH!

Some spoilers (not all, but some) ahead!

There are multiple threads running through this episode.

  • Barry’s unrequited love for Iris takes a spotlight here – his Christmas gift to her is a replica of her mother’s wedding ring on a necklace (the original was presumed lost years ago). Strangely enough, everyone except Iris…even Eddie…can see how Barry really feels. Barry does finally confess his love, but far too late, as Iris is preparing to move in with Eddie.
  • Caitlin has spotted someone she thought had died in the particle accelerator accident – yes, it’s Ronnie Raymond, back from the (presumed) dead, but with no real memories…and an ability to burst into flame. He does play a role in the end of this episode (watch the episode to see what I mean). I really like how they have slowly built up his reappearance in the series. And, it looks like we will have more of Firestorm as the series progresses after the mid-season break.
  • Dr. Tina McGee (with Amanda Pays reprising her role from the 1990’s FLASH tv series) has a major role in this episode, with her research on tachyons playing into the plot line…and a device her lab has created plays a major role in what happens next. She obviously has a distaste for dealing with Harrison Wells – and that may be for very good reason.
  • And, of course taking center stage is the appearance of the Reverse Flash!

The Reverse Flash first appears at Mercury Lab, looking for something…but what? He kills several guards at super speed and leaves without succeeding in his search. As Barry and Joe investigate they realize that this may be the person that killed Barry’s mother. Later, after Barry and Iris speak at his lab, he looks across the rooftops to see…the Reverse Flash watching him! Their chase leads to a very one-sided fight. It goes all over town and ends at the football stadium where the Reverse Flash taunts Barry – he knows everything about Barry and seems determined to beat him…but not to kill him.

Later, they use a prototype device from Dr. McGee’s lab to set a trap, one using a force field designed by Cisco. It does work…for a while. Then, the Reverse Flash pulls Harrison Wells into the trap with him and begins to beat him horribly. He eventually gets away, and Wells has managed to survive the assault. Barry runs in to try and save everyone, but is losing the battle until…well, until someone else ends that fight (for now).

In the epilogue you WILL find the identity of the Reverse Flash – not spoiling it here as you have either already seen it (in which case my spoiling isn’t necessary) or you have yet to see this ending (in which case you REALLY should see it).

There were a lot of aspects to this episode that fit the category of “Finally, it’s about time!” We finally see Barry confess his love for Iris, even if it may be far too late. We see Ronnie’s official return to the storyline, with a great re-introduction of him as Firestorm. Someone other than the viewer finally notes that there are TWO blurs…not only in THIS fight, but in previous sightings of the Reverse Flash. That of course means that there have been TWO speedsters all along in these appearances (does that mean we have a time travel story for Barry coming up?). And, of course, we finally get a battle with the Reverse Flash…along with the reveal of his identity in the epilogue. This has been a season-long build-up, and the payoff was handled exceptionally well.

The fight scenes with Barry and the Reverse Flash are not perfect…a bit jumpy in order to give the super speed effect but lacking in conveying the force of the blows. Still, the chase parts of those scenes were handled very well, and overall the effects worked.  The real impact here is in the personal story lines and the exceptional acting all around. Barry and Iris’ scenes were pitch perfect, as were the scenes between Barry and Joe, Caitlin and Cisco, and Harrison Wells and just about everyone else. That’s without mentioning how great it was to see Amanda Pays as Tina McGee once again.

The best part of this episode is that we haven’t wasted all the energy of the series with this big reveal – there are still unanswered questions that can move this series forward. Whether it’s the Reverse Flash’s next move, or what happens with Firestorm, or whether anything happens between Barry and Iris, there are a lot of questions that should make for some very interesting episodes once we return from mid-season hiatus. See you then!


14 thoughts on ““The Man In The Yellow Suit” – Review of THE FLASH Episode 109

  1. JAMES

    Well, I am surprised! I was hoping I was right about who the Reverse-Flash is. But I like the outcome a lot. It was a fantastic episode and my calender is already marked with reminders for January 20th.

  2. MisterNefarious

    The epilogue was great. Flash costume ring? Yes please. Hopefully reverse flash gives it to barry. Also liking how it seemed this entire episode was entirely orchestrated by him to get access to the tachyon device to travel further back in time.
    The firestorm stuff was out of place and underwhelming. The episode also lacked humor, which was fine this once.
    Also sad to see that barry didn’t do random things for people like painting walls. It’s a small thing I love about the character

    Not my favorite episode, but reverse flash was treated very cool and was a great threatening presence. Glad they were willing to let the hero lose. Very good episode that sets up for something even better

  3. Scott Timms

    So how did he beat himself up? Even being in two places at once I couldn’t wrap my head area it, and I watched it a few times. Time travel or just really good use of super speed?

  4. Dallin

    I’m not 100 percent convinced this episode did reveal the identity of the Reverse-Flash. Just because Harrison Wells has a yellow suit doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the Reverse-Flash. He could just be working with him.

    I still think Harrison is the future Barry Allen, and Reverse-Flash is the future Eddie Thawn. And they both got stranded back in time and are working together to ensure young Barry develops into a great Flash and can save the universe.

      1. Dallin

        Because Harrison (future Barry) still has super speed. I think he used his super speed to run into the trap with the Reverse-Flash, but they coordinated it to make it look like Reverse-Flash pulled him in.

  5. Scott Timms

    Is Dr. Wells’ plan to go back in time and make sure when Flash starts out he doesn’t wear yellow boots or the proper shade of red? Purpose?…To piss fans off…diabolical Dr. Wells diabolical

  6. Tony Myles

    What if Wells is a misguided Bart Allen?

    What if there will be more than one Reverse-Flash?

    How is it that Wells had the speed to change his voice in the final shot, and yet he hadn’t healed as fast as a speedster would?

    Gaps. Gaps. Gaps. All in the show’s favor. It was a great fake-out, hinting that what we think we saw may not be what we actually saw.

  7. Ben Macleod

    One thing I noticed, RF not only doesn’t kill Eddie, but seems to shove him out of harms way when Joe shoots. Red herring, or arr we going to see the tradgic downfall of Eddie Thawne, ala Hunter Zolomon. After all Geoff Johns, is a producer.


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