“Crazy For You” Clip

The CW has released a clip from next week’s episode of The Flash, which features Barry getting to know a potential love interest. The episode is titled “Crazy For You”, and airs February 3rd.


You can also see a one-page comic preview for the episode at The CW’s official Tumblr site, and it features the escape of someone we met in the last episode.

In other news, Comicbook.com is reporting that actor Vito D’Ambrosio has been cast to reprise his role as Tony Bellows in the current Flash series. Bellows was a police officer in the 1990s Flash series, but will be the mayor of Central City in the modern show.

Anyone looking forward to Barry’s new love interest?


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5 thoughts on ““Crazy For You” Clip

  1. Married guy

    It will be good to see Barry dating like a normal bloke instead of mooning over Iris every episode. This show hasn’t really put a foot wrong yet & with Mark Hamill reprising his roll as Trickster, Heatwave, Cold, Piper and hopefully Grodd soon too. Flash Geek nirvana!


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