Frozen Impulse

Anna from Frozen: Impulse costume design

I finally found this picture again so I could scan it: Costume design for Princess Anna of Arrendelle, aka Impulse.

Background: The four-year-old was watching Frozen for the 538th time, and I found myself thinking of Paul Hostetler’s Disney Princess Justice League from The Line is is Drawn.

Disney Princess Justice League

Watching Anna go from half-asleep to fully dressed and running around the castle in two seconds, I remarked, “You know, they should have made Anna the Flash instead of Rapunzel.”

Katie and I looked at each other, and she replied, “No…Impulse!” A few viewings later, she drew a costume design.


4 thoughts on “Frozen Impulse

  1. Kyer

    “The four-year-old was watching Frozen for the 538th time”
    Was just starting to snicker at that….then recalled mine own childhood obsessions.

    My sympathies. 😉

    1. Kelson Post author

      There are worse movies he could obsess over than one about a mutant trying to accept who she is and find her place in the world and an impulsive shut-in who nevertheless steps up and gets things done when faced with responsibility. 🙂

      I just wish he’d learn some of the *words* to the songs he insists on humming fragments of all day…

  2. Scott Timms

    Adorable! My wife and I are expecting in July. Already looking at baby Flash stuff. Although if its girl…baby Wonder Woman gear…sooooo cute. Any cool Flash baby stuff…please send my way.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Thanks, and congratulations!

      They make Flash onesies, and there are plush toys and simple plastic toys suitable for infants. When he/she gets a little older, Fisher Price has DC characters in their Little People line. They don’t have a Flash figure, but they do have Wonder Woman and her invisible jet.

      And hey, no reason not to include Flash stuff if it’s a girl. At that age the fit is the same, after all.


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