Slowdown…and ZOOM! (Updated)

I’ve moved the site to a shiny new server in hopes of speeding it up. Unfortunately the shiny new server is in Virginia, and the database is in California. I suspect that’s why it’s about 4 times slower right now. I’ve got a request in to move that, and with any luck it’ll solve the problem.

These things never go smoothly…

Update (Jan 26): The database is moved over, and the site’s not only responsive again, it’s (as I’d hoped) faster than before!

I did change some of the software around (for the techies, I switched Apache to NginX), so if anything’s not working – contact forms, comments, search, etc – let me know at speedforce – at – pobox – dot – com.


One thought on “Slowdown…and ZOOM! (Updated)

  1. Kyer

    I seem to recall even The Flash had trouble living with a daily coast-to-coast commute. ( 😛 )

    Seriously, whenever they ‘upgrade’ computer stuff at work we all groan because invariably that is when…stuff…hits the fan.


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