“Out of Time” – Review of Episode 115 of THE FLASH

“Out of Time” is easily the most powerful and impressive episode of THE FLASH so far, with HUGE reveals and shocking twists almost minute-by-minute throughout the show. If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of THE FLASH, DO NOT go past the jump. There is no way to describe even a little bit of this episode without being terribly spoilerish…and trust me, you do NOT want to be spoiled before seeing this episode!


We start with a view inside the plane that carried Clyde and Mark Mardon into the event horizon of the particle accelerator accident.

Now, Mark Mardon is back, and he has much better control of the weather powers than his brother. He is out to find and take his revenge on Joe West for killing his brother. His path of death and destruction leads to some powerful scenes with Joe West…leading to some big reveals (we’ll get to that in just a moment).

Early on, Flash is running to check the scene of Mardon’s first murderous appearance – when he sees himself running alongside! We do come back to that later in the episode, so hang on just a bit (we’ll get back to that, too).

Mardon brings down the lightning during a visit to Central City PD – hitting Captain Singh, who threw himself in the way of the attack on Joe West. Singh may not recover, but for now at least he is alive. (NOTE: it was great to bring in Singh’s partner for a scene at the hospital, and to address the difficulty many partners have when visiting their loved ones in the hospital). But, that wasn’t the only shocker of the evening (no pun intended).

Everyone is checking on Wells – Cisco is running experiments to check on why the original trap for the “man in the yellow suit” didn’t work, and at the newspaper, Mason Bridges claims to have evidence that connects Wells to the disappearance of Simon Stagg. In other words, things are closing in on Wells. Cisco finally makes all the connections…to find Wells standing behind him!

Wells introduces himself…okay…you’ve been warned…








…as none other than Eobard Thawne! Yes, the character name we wondered about when the series was announced has actually been in this series all along! He reveals why he was back at the Allen house all those years ago, and why he has been grooming Barry Allen’s speed development…and, to protect his secret, he kills Cisco! Yes, you read that right…HUGE event for this series, as Cisco has been an exceptional character on the show. Of course, the trailer for the next episode gives some hints as to this part of the story…just check that out to find more.

Back to the Weather Wizard and his attack on Joe West and everyone he loves. Mardon has called Iris (and Barry came along as well) to the waterfront where he holds West. Mardon creates a tsunami to attack the city and kill Iris..and everyone else near the shorefront. It is in this horrible situation that Iris finally tells Barry how she feels. Which leads to two HUGE events for this series.

1. Barry and Iris kiss (THAT has taken long enough – but this moment works very well in the story)

2. Barry has no time left to stop the threat and reveals himself as the Flash to Iris!

Barry runs faster than ever before to stop the tsunami…eventually breaking the time barrier and going back to that earlier scene where he ran beside himself! Now, what happens to Joe, to Iris, to Mardon, to Caitlin? We’ll have to wait for next week – end of episode!

SUMMARY – The most powerful episode of THE FLASH so far has delivered on every level. This had high drama, exceptional action, HUGE reveals, and shocking developments that will have Flash fans on pins and needles until the next episode hits the airwaves. There are not enough superlatives for this episode – can’t wait for next week!



10 thoughts on ““Out of Time” – Review of Episode 115 of THE FLASH

  1. SuperFlash

    I highly concur with all your comments about last night’s episode. Brilliantlly overwhelming! I cannot wait for next week.

  2. Wayne Lippa

    I just finished watching it. All I could think after (and still, for that matter) was “oh my God oh my God oh my God!” What a great episode! I can’t wait for the next one!

  3. singhtas

    I absolutely agree with you, the last 10 minutes had me with my mouth open and screaming. I’m glad that Cisco will live but I’m kind of disappointed that the last half of this episode is basically going to be rendered pointless seeing as how Barry fixes everything.

    But at least we know who you are now Professor Zoom 😀

  4. Shadows

    This episode was going very well up to the point where Flash pulls a Superman move and runs backwards through time. That was lame when Supes did it back in the 80’s and it was double lame this time. The writers really need to step it up a notch here.

    1. Golddragon71

      I gotta disagree a bit on that. It WAS lame when Superman did it as he did it (Intentionally!) for purely selfish reasons. Barry was just trying to save the city (and Iris) by stopping a Tsunami. he’d deal with whatever secrets Wells was hiding later if he could just handle the more immediate threat. Getting thrown back in time by a day or so was strictly an accident. it wasn’t something he was trying to accomplish.

  5. Scott

    Cisco’s death being undone still doesn’t change the fact that we now know Wells/Thawne is willing to murder the people he even says he’s fond of to achieve his goal. To watch him go back to his facade with us knowing what he’s capable of is going to be interesting. Loving this show.

  6. Kyer

    Do you think they’ll finish the Professor Zoom storyline before ‘Wally’ shows up? Been enjoying the show (save for one major plot point now looking to be gone) and I’m glad as all get out that Barry will finally be going with Iris, but am not nor will I ever be ready to turn a blind eye for the Wally they want. Want to see how the plot ends before then.


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