“GRODD LIVES” – Review of Episode 121 of THE FLASH

In this episode of THE FLASH, Iris finally steps forward to take a more forceful role in the series, while the S.T.A.R. Labs team learns to step out on their own without Wells. As for Wells? We find out more about his plans as well in our review of Episode 121, “Grodd Lives”…after the jump.


This show begins with Iris’ narration, talking about her “best friend” and wondering if she should confront him (hint: she does).  In fact, in this episode Iris manages to set straight pretty much everyone other than Eddie who has lied to her throughout the series, and the only thing sparing Eddie is his present predicament, which brings us to…

The search for Eddie is on, but first there is the matter of an attempt to rob a gold shipment. Problem is, when The Flash comes on the scene he is pelted by a psychic attack that leaves him unable to act. They later discover the psychic attack is from Grodd. But, we also discover a true surprise – the man attempting to rob the gold shipment is General Eiling! (Okay, color me clueless but I thought Eiling was done for a few episodes back when Grodd was…oh, wait…)

Yes, Grodd did NOT kill Eiling, but instead placed him under Grodd’s own mental control. And, in case you haven’t guessed it by now, Wells is behind all of this – using Grodd and Eiling to distract our heroes while Wells/Thawne  (or Wellsobard, as Lia calls him – and I like that name) plans his next move.

During all the work at S.T.A.R. Labs (now no longer housing Wells), Iris arrives and offers to help Barry/Flash and the rest. She is watching by remote cam back at the Lab while Barry, Joe and Cisco go after Grodd. That doesn’t work out so well and Grodd kidnaps Joe!

Barry and Iris talk back at S.T.A.R. Labs, and Barry points out that Iris may not have been fully honest about her feelings either (though he doesn’t say how he knows, all that timey-wimey stuff from the alternate timeline). Still, Iris has a lot more to be upset about…though the main point right now is saving Joe and Eddie.

Problem is, they need to get past those psychic attacks. Cisco and Caitlin aren’t sure they can come through without Wells, but they do manage to create a headset that has a chance of working.

That brings us to the big battle, with the slightly hokey twist of depending on Barry’s feelings for Iris to pull him through.  I’m a sucker for those somewhat hokey moments so it worked for me (though I understand if others disagree).  As for Wells and Eddie?

Eddie is not rescued, but he has some interesting moments with Wells – who claims that Eddie is the one Thawne who will NOT be long remembered. He even points out to Eddie that he will never really marry Iris, before taking “the key” with him to set up what Wells believes is his return “home”.

NOTES: The CGI for Grodd was excellent for TV, making for a rather fearsome character. That was critical in making the action believable – and it did work for me. Still, in an action-packed episode the real fun was in watching Iris finally step forward as a more forceful character.  We are rebuilding the team at S.T.A.R., and Iris looks to be joining in now. Cisco and Caitlin also take important steps forward – not as dramatically as Iris but still important as they slowly gain the confidence to operate without the leadership Wells has given them in the past. We are gearing up for some wild episodes as the season comes closer to a close – and I can’t wait to see them! What do YOU think? Leave your comments below.


3 thoughts on ““GRODD LIVES” – Review of Episode 121 of THE FLASH

  1. Paul

    >> I’m a sucker for those somewhat hokey moments so it worked for me

    Don’t forget that Wally kept himself from joining the Speed Force by concentrating on his feelings for Linda. Same situation as Barry/Iris vs Grodd.

  2. Scott Timms

    Grodd was awesome I thought. Although, my puny human mind can barely understand. Didn’t Grodd say he hated bananas in the first appearance in #106? I wish I hadn’t seen the clip where Detective West threw the gun away cause that was intense…live and learn… ALL HAIL LORD GRODD (sorry I forgot my anti mind control hat thing I cant help it)

  3. SuperFlash

    In a recent comic Wally and other speedsters explain to Barry that he needs an anchor outside of the speed force to keep himself from being lost in it. Linda is Wally’s anchor and Iris is Barry’s anchor. So, I think that is where they were headed in the scene where Iris talks to Barry while he is in the subway being tormented by Grodd.

    The CGI, as you pointed out, was top notch for TV and I am so glad they got it right. Grodd was imposing and it felt like if you were Joe, no matter where you looked Grodd was all over the room. Grodd just had that presence in the scene. Also, the part when Joe offered Grodd the banana made me LOL. Because all fans know Grodd hates banana’s.

    All in all I am highly pleased with this episode.


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